Bela Fleck and The Flecktones put on a mezmerising show at the Annette Strauss Square

15 10 2011

An incredible night in which the Original members of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones came to Dallas’s beautiful Annette Strauss Square at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  Click thru for photos and videos (Including an incredible solo by Victor Wooten – MUST SEE!!) of this wonderful evening.

For the first time in nearly two decades, Fleck has reassembled the extraordinary initial line-up of his incredible combo: pianist/harmonica player Howard Levy back in the fold alongside bassist Victor Wootenand percussionist/drumitarist Roy “Futureman” Wooten.”  The fellas would play a magical mixture of their old staples and material off their latest release Rocket Science.  The guys would also be joined, for a few electrifying tunes, by fiddler Casey Driessen.

The evening started out with no opening act, no warmup, and no warning.  Bela and the Original Flecktones ventured on out and started belting out their set.  The guys each had an opening solo that made sure the crowd was fully aware that their faces were in danger of being melted off.

It was truly an eye opening evening at a venue that is just getting its start out in Dallas.  Just another reason why the AT&T Perfoming Arts Center is not afraid to put on amazing theater, opera, events and concerts.  Even Ranger fans showed their love to Bela and the Flecktones!

Here is a snippit of the fellas playing.

and then the ending of one of the Flecktones’ tunes.

As bassist Victor Wooten would say during the show, “Bela recently got his doctorate and now can be called Dr. Fleck and he told me backstage he can now give out prescriptions”.  Well Bela didn’t fail as his frantic fingers fired all along his 3 different banjos.  He went blow for blow with Howard Levy’s amazing harmonica and piano playing (truly awe inspiring stuff from Howard!).  Futureman, with Pirate hat on, continues to do things no one else would even think of doing.  He wore his own created instrument that I think has similar powers as this instrument from Masters of the Universe.

Sure enough the pace withstood almost three hours of the grammy award winning group, even with a 15 minute intermission that merely allowed for a few more drinks to flow and fans to grow more hyped for the finale.  But the real treat of the evening had to have been, the recently named 10th best bassist by Rolling Stones readers, Victor Wooten’s amazing bass.  There is a reason why Victor would feel so humbled to put up this thank you to an adoring audience.

Like Bela, Victor would end up playing three of his basses like this beauty.

Victor wasn’t afraid to do a little solo work either.

But ok enough with pictures – here is what you’ve been waiting for!!!

Overall an amazing set from this award winning group that hasn’t lost a thing!

Thanks to Katrina Dela Vega for Photos and Videos of this evening.  Check out her business here.




One response

16 10 2011
Bill Chance

I really wanted to go to this show but had an evening meeting long scheduled. I’m glad that it turned out great – this venue will be a valuable addition to the Arts District.

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