Musical Interlude with The Orbans, Destry, The King Bucks and The Secret Sisters

21 09 2011

This past Thursday evening I ventured to the ATT PAC to catch another Patio Session with The Orbans and Destry.  I then ventured over to the Lakewood Theatre to catch The Secret Sisters with the King Bucks and opener Audrey Dean Kelley.  Take a Musical Interlude with us…

These two lovely sisters should generally think about changing their name to Incredible Sisters because the Secret is out.  An explosive duo that’s bridged many folk’s views on good old country music (I know I’m converted).   But before we jump into more with the ladies, lets check in with our favorite ATT PAC music showcase.

Patio Sessions, held outside of the Winspear, is an intimate chance to become acquainted with some of DFW’s finest young music talents and bands.  This Thursday’s Session opened with the ever expanding Destry.

Michelle DaRosa and her backing gents (rotating small group) have given a unique 50’s surfer atmosphere to the thoughtful indie flavor from their lyrics.  This incarnation of a 6 person Destry really echoed beautifully off the Winspear glass walls.

Its hard to not become transfixed on Michelle especially when she’s joyfully pleading (oxymoron?) to “Don’t Break My Heart“.   After a quick change over Fort Worth’s finest indie band captured our attention for a solid hour set.

The Orbans, a PSD favorite, are just one of those young bands that the Patio Session highlights perfectly.

The fellas look like a typical indie rock band but there tender lyrics and country/rock licks mingle nicely to create something unique.

The Patio Sessions continue through the rest of the fall into the winter.

Here is the schedule.

The evening at the Lakewood actually started next door at Matt’s Rancho Martinez, but it was Audrey Dean Kelley who got the crowd nicely warmed up.

Then the fun country rock of The King Bucks took over.  The intriguing band of characters may have one of the coolest vocal talents around.  Though all members do belt out a song or two its that darn guy on the keys with the booming voice that catches all your attention.

The King Bucks jammed through a pretty quick set because they knew they’d be back up on stage sooner rather then later.  But before that the Secret Sisters took us back to there country roots.  They were so open as they told amazing stories of the men and women who’s voices influenced them.  “Weird how our daddy would play these songs about gambling and cheating to his adorable little girls” was just one funny line from the Sister’s story telling.

The ladies were completely comfortable in a Southern Setting (even if it its “North” Texas).

From Patsy Cline to Texas’ own Willie Nelson to crooner god Frank Sinatra and his lil’ girl Nancy the ladies showcased there incredible singing range.  Its no wonder that our buddy T-Bone Burnett helped launch Laura and Lydia unto the world.  From their website this wonderful quote from T-Bone, “I have been making music for over forty years and The Secret Sisters album is as close to pure as it gets.”  He expanded on this a bit more.  “Listening to the Secret Sisters sing, you hear in their voices a sound that is timeless and of the moment. You hear the history of rural American music from the 1920’s and a reverence for every musical genre this country has produced. Popular music requires the absolute honesty of the Secret Sisters, and I’m thrilled to be involved in presenting them to the world.”

But the real highlights to the show and to the delight of the two ladies was two “group” guests that helped things out.  First up was those fellas from earlier, The King Bucks.

The ladies even let the boys have a little fun wailing away on their “gee-tars”.

After the King Bucks had exited, a whole chorus of women took over the stage.

The Women’s Chorus of Dallas and the Secret “Incredible” Sisters had everyone’s eyes focused, hearts beating and minds racing from all the powerful musical waves.

An incredible Thursday evening spent enjoying good music!

More on the Lakewood Theater, here.

The Women’s Chorus of Dallas.

The Secret Sisters.

Oxford American the gracious sponsor and the fine folks at the Dallas Observer!  Whether it’s DC9 helping the Patio Sessions or the DO helping the LT.

Thanks to Courtney King with some photos from the Patio Sessions.

And Thanks to De Foster and Chris Usher for the wonderful photos from the Secret Sister show.

Until Next time!




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