Kevin Bacon Visits Booker T. Washington High School and The Nasher Sculpture Center

10 09 2011

Dear PSD readers you all are now only 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.  You are welcome and to make your day even more exciting how about we listen to Kevin talk about his incredible career in the biz?  Well click through already!!

Dallas’ famed Arts Magnet Booker T. Washington held a mid-day event on Thursday with Mr. Bacon that included a Q & A about his career.  We’ll start with the wonderful introduction of Mr. Bacon prior to the Q & A (I had to cut the ovation off because it was literally ear piercing!).

The panel you see above consisted of Theater Teacher Karen Cogdill and two of her senior theater students, Ms. Jillian Ashley Jones (Yellow jacket) and Ms. Kimberly Kottwitz.  The young ladies held an incredibly fluid and fun Q & A!!!  Kimberly started things off by asking how Kevin landed his first role as Chip Diller in Animal House.

Jillian asked Kevin when did he first know he wanted to be an actor and Kevin went straight to his childhood.

Kevin talks about knowing for certain that he wanted to be an actor and nothing else.

Jillian asked about how Kevin handled rejection and he responded by talking about a very specific audition from his early theater days in NYC.

Kevin talks about his iconic role as Ren McCormack in Footloose.

Kimberly has a wonderful question.

Kevin talks about the way he looks at a movie like Tremors .

Kevin talks about Crazy, Stupid, Love.

And of course 6 degrees of  Kevin Bacon was brought up!

Kevin ended with a great story about how he tried to combat his fame and how it reminded him just what it is that he truly loves about being an actor.

Later that evening Kevin would venture off to the Nasher Sculpture Center for another Q & A session.  The folks over at mixmaster and the DO did a great recap of the evening as did John over at Pegusus with his great photos!

Here are a few picks of Kevin Bacon visiting the Tony Cragg exhibit which opens up later this afternoon!

Kevin even got to hang out with Tony himself.




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