In Search of The American Dream Roundtable

7 09 2011

“In Search of the American Dream” is the story about four children and their adult brother as they desperately race across Texas for survival.  Writer/Director/Actor Baldemar Rodriguez, lead actress Shaina Sandoval, musician and producer Randy Cabellero, and other members of the cast held a press conference last week explaining the upcoming film and all that goes into getting a project of this magnitude off the ground.

In Search of The American Dream held a press tour this past week in which we were given a 40-minute preview of the film and a chance to chat with the central figures in the film.  Writer/Director/Producer Baldemar Rodriguez began the roundtable by explaining the origins of the project.

In the clip we witnessed a beautiful aerial sequence that showcased Houston’s Pasadena area and the oil-refinery filled landscape that is highlighted in the film.  We witnessed the accidental and sad arrest of the parents and impact that arrest has on the Martinez children.  Baldemar plays the oldest brother, like his parents is in the country illegally, who is left to take care of his 4 legal siblings (all born in Texas), most notably up-and-coming star Shaina Sandoval who plays the young teenage sister.   Baldemar began our roundtable by introducing Shaina and himself as well as musician, producer and Grammy award-winner Randy Cabellero.

That’s grammy award winning Randy Caballero.

Randy on far right.

Randy talks about how one memory from high school completely changed his life.

The soundtrack for In Search of The American Dream is filled with stars from the Texas music scene and spans all forms of Texas based music genres.

Randy talks about his career as well as the soundtrack.

In fact, Director Baldemar Rodriguez makes an appearance on the soundtrack and he explains how that all came about.

Baldemar brought a lot of unique qualities to the film set, on top of his incredible singing voice.  Baldemar really wanted the Martinez family to be realistic to the audience and so he insisted on having family bonding exercises.

Baldemar called it something different though.

Baldemar talks about the importance of having Shaina’s character stand out on her own as a strong lead who also has to deal with her own medical issue.

After the roundtable, I was able to have a one-on-one with young starlet Shaina Sandoval about the film and we started out talking about having such a lead role in the film.

Shaina was awesome enough to be open about her very own medical condition that helped her prep for her character’s diabetic condition.

She then explained how crazy the audition for the film was and how she was shocked to hear the important role she had landed in the film.

Being cast in such a lead role in a film that deals with such a serious national issue has really made Shaina look at things completely different.  Earlier in the roundtable she talked about a previous media stop where she came face-to-face with someone who’d lived the premise behind the movie.

Shaina ended our conversation by talking about all the talent in the North Texas area and specifically a few folks she knows all to well.

You can check out more on the film, here.

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Also here is another set of interviews with Shaina and Randy from a PSD media friend, Vanessa Lua of “What the hell did she say”.




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