Titas 2011-12 Season Begins a Glorious Quest with Brian Stokes Mitchell

2 09 2011

I do believe its been well documented that most people hear either Morgan Freeman or Jeff Bridges as the voice in their head.  I was like most of you in this wonderful adulation of such fine voices, but the Titus and the amazing Winspear Opera House of the ATTPAC have given me a whole new perspective.  As of last night, Brian Stokes Mitchell has become my new voice that accompanies my crazy thoughts and hopes.  Brian was absolutely electric last night!

You know you’re good when the NY Times gives you the title, “”Broadway’s Last Leading Man.”.   The 2011-12 Titas season began last night with the veteran Broadway star, and his talented quartet, mesmerizing a packed lower bowl of the Winspear.  Titas Executive and Artistic Director Charles Santos had a short but poignant introduction in which he talked about seeing BSM perform Ragtime.  Mr. Santos also snuck in a nice bit of inf0, outside of the wonderful 2011-12 schedule, as Titas has something special planned for the end of this year!!  Don’t want to spoil Titas’ reveal, So I’ll get back to praising the amazing performance Brian Stokes Mitchell put on last night.

Brian came out with two quick tunes to get everyone amp’d up for what turned out to be an extremely poignant and moving show!  He was gracious enough to explain that the set list for the show is basically his favorite tunes and moments from his award-winning career.  Brian and the talented quartet took us from Broadway to the Hollywood Bowl, from Tony Bennett to Brazil’s favorite composer and from Brian’s childhood in San Diego to Brian’s brand new life as a father.   Along the way he showcased his charm, his sense of humor and a bit of his dramatic chops.  Easily though it is that sense of humor and charm that shines brightest.

He amazed us with his ability to showcase his father’s jazz loving roots, his own love of international music (even singing in Portuguese for a little segment), his history of playing bad guys and finally his new filled inspiration, his 7 year old son.

The moment that I think will stand out for most folks there last night was when Brian put down the microphone and asked only for a quiet piano as his beat.   He then showcased the amazing acoustic power that our Winspear Opera House possesses in its design.  He belted out one tune completely acoustically with just his magical voice.  We were all silent as this chilling and mesmerizing song fully showcased Brian’s incredible singing voice.

But the real treat were the closing few numbers (prior to his fun farewell anchor) that involved songs that showcase the kid inside us all.  And then lastly this tune caused many in the crowd to tear up.

It was an outstanding way to kick off the 2011-12 season with this iconic theater legend.

More info on the amazing career of Brian Stokes Mitchell,Here.

Here is the upcoming schedule for Titas!!

Also for another treat, the great folks over at Theater Jones held a Q & A with Brian that I especially love.

Check it out here.

Check out the ATTPAC site for all other information about the 2011-12 seasons for Titas, Brinker, Lexus Broadway and much much more!!




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