Adieu August and Salut September from the Nasher

31 08 2011

PSD wanted to share with you the final goodbyes to two fun exhibitions that ended this month and also highlight what’s all coming up in September at the Nasher!!

On August 21st the Nasher saw its highly touted Sightings Installment by Martin Creed dis-installed and the amazing sculpture series from Aaron Curry and the latest Statuesque series.  Statuesque brought together a dynamic group of six international artists – Pawel Althamer, Huma Bhabha, Aaron Curry, Thomas Houseago, Matthew Monahan and Rebecca Warren.  Since both Aaron and Thomas were recent invites of the Nasher I thought I’d showcase their particular sculptures that were just at the Nasher.

Whether it was this fella that Thomas made.

Or this bright piece Aaron Made.

The Statuesque series was both beautiful and memorable.  Whether it was Aaron’s little touches on his pieces.

(notice the sun?)

Or the ba-donk-a-donk on Thomas’ bronze man.

Or maybe Thomas’ “lumpy man” is more to your liking?

Or how about noticing an Aaron and Thomas piece together?

Hell Thomas’ Bronze Man may have had the best view of the Nasher of anyone!

All I do know is I’ll miss all the amazing statues in this recent series!

And I’m not the only one either!  This “staple figure” of the Nasher shares my feeling of loss from the Statuesque series being done.

Who’s going to capture the metal eye of Anthony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud XX (tornado) better then that bright pink statue by Aaron Curry?  Sad indeed Mr. Tornado fella!

No this family aren’t stealing – they were given those giant orange balloons!

That Sunday August 21st also saw the dis-install of Martin Creed’s Sightings installation.  It is just a big large room with big bright orange (in the Nasher case – different colors for his other city installs) balloons.  I got a shot of it 1/4 empty after  giving away some balloons.

The lines and number of folks that came to “grab a balloon” were quite amazing.  Good job folks!! I personally felt like the cacti added even more fun to the “musical stairs” and of course those orange balloons.

Overall Martin Creed’s wild experience of being “lost” in a sea of balloons was a real hit!

Ok, now to make you excited after making you all sorrowful for the August farewells.

Check out the wild September the Nasher has in store!!!

September 3
Target First Saturdays

September 8
NasherSalon: Kevin Bacon

September 9-11
NasherStore Meet the Artist
Horst Max Lebert

September 10
Tony Cragg: Seeing Things opens

360: Tony Cragg
1 pm

September 16
’til Midnight at the Nasher

September 21
China: Artists Behind the Wall

September 30
Soundings: New Music at the Nasher

See you all at the Nasher in September!!




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