My Peeps Took Over The Meyerson – Elon Gold headlines.

29 08 2011

This Sunday (yep Sunday) the Jewish Community Center (aka the JCC) held their 13th annual Jewish Arts Fest at the Meyerson.  Quite easily the wildest time EVER!

There were a few of these fellas.

A few of these ladies, and I mean stereotypical Jewish Mothers NOT Jill, Lisa or that other devil woman.

None of these guys.

Certainly none of these ladies.

Aw of course my mother told me to watch out for any “nice” jewish gerrrllsss.

But mainly I was there for this fella.

Elon Gold is a comedian and actor who is a regular correspondent for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He has starred in sitcoms such as FOX’s Stacked and NBC’s In-Laws and made guest star appearances on Frasier, The Mentalist, and Las Vegas. Elon was a writer/performer on ABC’s The Dana Carvey Show and did sketches on Chappelle’s Show. He can also be seen on Chelsea Lately and currently has a recurring role on the FOX hit show, Bones. But his most important role is as host of The Chabad Telethon which broadcasts every year out of Los Angeles where he resides.

He started out his set by letting us all know he’s used to dealing with these “jewish shows”.

And then a late couple gained the notice of Elon and this happened.

Elon explains why Jews don’t need adjectives.

Aw the always well placed phone call during a show!!  Elon quickly recovered and showcased his Rabbi skillz.

Of course Mel Gibson got brought up!!

Speaking of Jesus!

And now Elon proves how we sure did build the pyramids.

My favorite moment of the show was when Elon impersonated his childhood Cantor.  Quite Amazing I must warn you.

And Elon gave his outro.

My peeps have a website.

So does Elon.

And well look at this, another upcoming event!!

More info on that here.




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29 08 2011

Mom wants to know “welll did you meet a nice girlll?”

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