Programming The Nation – Exclusive Interview with Director Jeff Warrick

17 08 2011

Director Jeff Warrick felt compelled to figure out the reality behind subliminal messaging in our everyday lives and what he’s found may shock all of you.  Not everything is as it appears and Programming The Nation is a bold documentary asking you to wake up.  It opens in NYC on Friday, LA and San Francisco in September, and here is our Exclusive with Director Jeff Warrick.

So who’s the walrus?  Subliminal messages are an old tactic and one that is becoming more and more intricate.  Before we jump into the real fears of what subliminal messages can impact, I wanted to know a little more about our interviewee.  I asked Jeff about being a UCSC Banana Slug and about the education he gained while out in Santa Cruz.

Jeff actually has been intrigued by the subject matter of subliminal messaging from a much younger age.

I asked Jeff about all the interviews that the film showcases.

Jeff and his team realized that in the film they would have to show some of these subliminal messages.

Here is a sampling of that section.

Jeff explains how these messages weren’t the real spark to dig deeper and in fact of all the interviews he’s gathered it was one interview that didn’t take place that would truly ignite him and his crew.

I was curious though what other interviews stood out and Jeff talked about two in particular.

And here is Dr. Taylor discussing the key elements of what makes messages so effective.

So how does the Nation being told what to eat in a movie, what cigarettes to buy, or what brands you are loyal to lead to a programmed country.  Where does subliminal messaging become more then just a money maker, more then just an advertising tactic?  Jeff talks about HAARP and other interesting military applications of controlling messaging systems.

This isn’t the first time a military has tried to control its or another population.  But the film showcases how in the current technological state of our society the abilities of subliminal messaging is much more effective and far reaching.  Jeff explains how we are more vulnerable then we imagine.

Jeff talks about the upcoming schedule for the documentary.

More on this eye-opening documentary, here.




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