Looking Through The Lens with DP Rob Hauer Part 2

10 08 2011

In part 2 of our chat with Cinematographer Rob Hauer we discussed Filmmaker Magazine, his inspirations, and the finer points of being a Director of Photography.

I asked Rob what filmmakers were current inspirations for him and he of course brought up his good friend Topaz Adizes.

Another filmmaker Rob talked very highly about was Andrew Zappin.

Here is the trailer to The Company Man starring DJ Qualls.

Rob shared more about working on The Company Man.

Rob talked about working with DJ and Andrew.

Rob talks about working with an up-and-coming Director.

Rob is in the early pre-production stages of an up-coming first feature for a young Director.  Rob shared what he’s doing right now in anticipation of that project.

Rob and I talked about the color palate of his films and how doing a Western seems just right.

Now to cap off our look at the always awesome annual Filmmaker Magazine 25 New Faces of Independent Film.

I had to ask Rob about what he likes to “work” with format wise and he gives a big shout out to Panavision!

I hope you’ve enjoy another look through the lens.



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