Looking Through The Lens With DP Rob Hauer

9 08 2011

Continuing our look at the 2011 25 New Faces of Independent Filmmaking by Filmmaker Magazine, PSD interviewed Director of Photography Rob Hauer.  Here is Part 1 of our 2 part chat with the talented DP.

Rob and I started our chat by talking about his days growing up near the beach.

Rob talks about the scientific way he choose his College path.

Well then how did Rob get interested in camera work?

A photography professor would introduce Rob to someone that would push the young surfer into 35mm film work.

The NYU group that Rob is apart of is an extremely talented unit and Rob talked about working with Directors like Cary Fukunaga.

Rob talked about the film Traveler .

Rob Hauer has worked with one of PSD’s favorite Directors, Topaz Adizes.

Production Still from Topaz and Rob’s latest film, BOY which stars Jeff Wells (above).

Rob talked about just how the two met and a bit about there unique start.

Rob talks about shooting Rob Meyer’s Aquarium.

I had to point out a little love from a pretty well known Utah film festival and its director’s lab.

Who was the director you worked with?

Check out more with Rob Hauer on his website.

The 25 New Faces of Independent Film List.

Part 2 of our chat up tomorrow and in our discussion we talk about filmmaker magazine, one of Rob’s favorite shorts he’s done and much more!!




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