Actress/Musician/Karate Champion – Taryn Manning visits Dallas!

3 08 2011

This Friday, August 5th, Scott D. Rosenbaum‘s The Perfect Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll will be released in select cities (Dallas included!).  Taryn Manning plays feisty manager to The Lost Soulz, the Rock ‘N’ Roll band that has one more album left in them.  PSD chatted with talented young actress/musician/clothing line creator and cool lil’ lady about the film and much more!

Taryn was awesome enough to venture way back to her Arizona childhood for my first question.

Bet you didn’t know that Taryn was a karate fighting machine, yep it’s true!  In the film, The Perfect Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll, the battle between best friends is slowly brought to a boil along the famous “Route 66” (sorta!).  Kevin Zegers shines as the flamboyant lead singer, Spyder, who’s reckless choices throughout the movie make his double “role” as his older version all the more impressive.   Jason Ritter plays the real talent behind the band as the guitar playing writer Eric Genson.  Taryn as the beautiful but strong willed manager, Peter Fonda as wily music vet August West and Lukas Haas as “Revolver” writer Clifton Hanger round out a quality cast.  The film showcases the beauties and the pitfalls of living life on the road in a band.  The impressive quality of the film is that the guys are really playing, both Jason on guitar and Kevin singing.  Overall the ride seemed a bit forced at times but a solid fun ride.  If you’re one for interesting bits of fun info.  There are numerous references to the Grateful Dead (check out Peter and Lukas’ character names), the famous Spyder porsche makes a timely appearance (if you aren’t familiar, James Dean died in an accident driving a Spyder), and some Grammy award-winning Blues fellas make a memorable scene come to life!

Taryn talked about being able to play a positive character in a power position.

Taryn and I talked about her music background as well.  Taryn has a band with her brother called Boomkat and her tunes have been in many of her films as well as other films and TV shows.   I was curious why she hasn’t actually sang in more of her films.

We talked about her boomkat albums, but she’s actually about to release her first solo album.  The first track, Tune It Up, already has a video out.  She talked about venturing from Boomkat to her solo work.

Taryn and I talked about her clothing company, Born Uniqorn.

Taryn’s next conquering ACTION Films.

Ok one more photo since Taryn looked AMAZING in The Perfect Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll.




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