Dear Doppleganger – Roundtable Interview with Another Earth’s Mike Cahill and Brit Marling

1 08 2011

Sundance darling ANOTHER EARTH opens up in Dallas (& Plano Angelika locations) this Friday and it is the mind-bending brainchild of Director/Co-Writer Mike Cahill and Lead Actress/Co-Writer Brit Marling.  The standing ovation they garnered at this year’s Sundance film festival was no fluke.  An intelligent, emotionally draining and insightful look at what would happen if “Another Earth” appeared in the night sky.   The incredibly humble and kind duo were in Dallas this past week to discuss their bold film.

Director Mike Cahill and Brit Marling have created an emotionally challenging sci-fi film that asks what would you do if you could talk to another version of youself.  Better yet, what if there was Another Earth?  What would it mean, who would be on it, could we travel there, would “they” travel here, would I have a doppleganger, who am I and so many more questions come from such a intriguing idea.  The writing team set out to make a film with little money, some time, and Mike’s own home as a location.  They did it and they did it really well.  I guess we shouldn’t underestimate these two Hoyas.  Mike talked about how Brit and him first met.

Brit talked about how this was the perfect time to make this type of film.

Mike had a bold idea when he started filming the movie.

Now the actual scenes with William were shot in-sequence and Brit talked about how that amplified their connection on screen.

Mike talked about the inspiration for this unique story.

hmmmmmm speaking of Rubik’s cube…

Brit talked about one particular intriguing sequence of the film.

Another element of the movie that stands out is the insightful and intelligent narrator that takes us along this wild journey.  I asked Mike about the person he chose as the narrator.

And lastly lets talk about KUMAR!!

Kumar played Purdeep the janitor that Rhoda works with and who also share something powerful.

You have to witness these powerful scenes to truly understand the incredible connection Rhoda and Purdeep share in Another Earth.  Their scenes really stand out and were some of my favorite of the entire film.  And of course Kumar had the last laugh.

Ok lets go out with a bang.  Here is the awesome theme of the movie by FALL ON YOUR SWORD.




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