Sarah’s Key Author Tatiana De Rosnay

26 07 2011

Sarah’s Key is a tremendously well made movie that deserves recognition in the upcoming awards season.  Easily one of the most moving films of 2011 and a testament to the importance of knowing one’s history.  An amazing mixture of fictionalized story with actual historical events have given Author Tatiana De Rosnay rock-star status in Europe.  She’s the “IT” author as her  moving book Sarah’s Key has captivated over 40 countries.  PSD had the great honor to chat with Tatiana about her life, her books, her publishers, her children, and this incredible film that has truly transformed her own life.

Author Tatiana De Rosnay started our chat by giving a big shout out to us American readers!

Now the process of publishing her book Sarah’s Key had some incredible hurdles.  I asked Tatiana why it was so tough for her to get her book published in the first place.

The women on the right is Heloise D’Ormesson and she is Tatiana’s new publisher and here is how and why.

What a great book that would make indeed!  Tatiana has gone from relatively unknown writer to one of Europe’s best selling and most recognizable authors.

She talked about what its like being such a recognizable person back home.

Being recognizable in Holland and in the literary world didn’t stop Tatiana’s own government from asking about “who she is and where she is from”.

Tatiana was incredibly kind enough to tell us so much more about her history and life.

Tatiana shared who her inspiration was for ‘Sarah’ in Sarah’s Key.

Sarah’s story was fictionalized, but the history of the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup is most certainly real and thus so horrific.

Tatiana was awesome enough to talk about the writing process behind Sarah’s Key.

I had two final questions for Tatiana.

Her last comments easily reminded me of Robert Frost and I think its fitting to end our chat with Tatiana De Rosnay with Mr. Frost’s epic ending to the Road Not Taken.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—  

  I took the one less traveled by,    

And that has made all the difference.

Sarah’s Key is a lot about people taken the road less traveled because it makes more sense then just giving into the normal answers.  Sarah’s Key is one of the most moving pictures of 2011 and its incredible journey will make you think about where you take your next step in life.

Check out the full trailer on The Weinstein Company website.




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