Pam Grier Visits Fort Worth!

25 07 2011

This past Thursday and over the weekend legendary actress Pam Grier took part in numerous events throughout Fort Worth.  One of those events was the Lone Star International Film Festival‘s screening (with pre-film Q & A session) of Jackie Brown on Thursday evening.  PSD was in attendance and wanted to share with you the amazing stories from Pam Grier!  She talks Quentin Tarantino, Roger Corman, Samuel L. Jackson, Love scenes in movies and her amazing life!

Jim Austin of the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame introduced the legendary actress.  Jim then turned the pre-film Q & A session over to LSIFF Artistic Director Alec Jhangiani who opened up the discussion by asking Pam about her cowgirl upbringing.

Pam specifically talked about how her Grandfather was a huge influence on her life’s successes.

It was those strong-willed women of the women’s liberation that would allow Pam to showcase just how powerful and strong a young woman could be on the big screen.

This has sparked Pam to want to showcase this strong woman figure and mix in her own love of  “cowgirl” history into a new project.

Alec changed things up a bit and asked Pam about working in more racy scenes with men.  Pam went on to explain the honest truth of “racy” scenes in film and really showcases her amazing open nature.

Pam had more to say on that specific play and had one of the biggest LOL moments of the evening….listen good to ALEC’s response!!!

Yep you just heard Pam and Alec talking about how hard their nipples can get, o yeah the evening was that much fun!!  The fun times just got more exciting as Alec asked about working with Quentin Tarantino on Jackie Brown.  First up Pam talked about going to jail!

Here is that scene.

Pam then talked about the incredible scene in which she is confronted by Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson).

and here is that incredible scene.

Pam was asked a great question about the similarities of her work in the 1970s with Director Jack Hill and then with Quentin on Jackie Brown.

She then expanded on how legendary Producer/Director Roger Corman really opened the door into film for Pam by recommending one book that would change her whole life!

Pam was giving advice to a young filmmaker and she shared with us a wonderful story about her introduction to the great Martin Scorsese.

Pam is AWESOME and you know she’s a geek about film too.   Take a listen.

All photos courtesy of  William Behr Photography.




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