Exclusive Interview with A’tris Lead Singer Mason Taylor

20 07 2011

Logo courtesy of Tiger Darrow.

A’tris is a New York Based band that is making waves with there bold “song-a-week” venture.  PSD caught up with one of the founding members and lead singer  Mason Taylor.

Members: Mason Taylor (Center) – Vocals/Keyboard, Ben Azar (back left) – Guitar, Nate Lueck (far left) – Bass, Travis Abel (back right) – Drums.

The story all begins at Berklee College of Music…well sorta.

So you must be wondering what does A’tris sound like?

Ok how about one of the band’s songs?  The band has a goal to release a song a week for an entire year, week 2’s song I think really showcases that specific sound Mason was talking about.

Mason explained how the sound of the band though is more about the mixtures of all the members and the people they work with outside of the band.

You know when I first heard about this awesome band from  Tiger Darrow (who not only helped out with the logo at the beginning of the piece but also with this week’s song of the week), I was a little confused at what the title meant.  I searched and searched and well Mason explains what the intrigue is with the band’s unique name.

Ok lets talk about this bold, social-media driven, venture the band has taken on.  A Song a Week.

How about we check out another week’s song.  Here is the song that has received the most views on YouTube.

The intriguing elements of this project is the footage the guys utilize to make a video a week (not just a song-a-week).

All that earlier talk about some fellow formerly known as David Robert Jones, well that reminded Mason of how even famous bands utilize stock footage.

Here’s proof.

Check back next week for part 2 of our chat with Mason Taylor.  But I will leave you with a treat from the fellas in A’tris.  Here is their latest video.  Week 23’s song of the week.

Find about more about the band via their website, A’tris Headquarters!




2 responses

21 07 2011

Thanks so much for your time Gadi! It was great chatting with you and I really love what you did with this!

21 07 2011
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