35mm, Scary Behind the Scenes Rooms, and TROLL HUNTER!!!

1 07 2011

Ok so this may be a little to much Texas Pride!

Last night’s 35mm test party at the Texas Theatre was a total hoot that ended with a kick ass screening of Troll Hunter.  The movie is “officially” at the Texas starting today and you NEED to see it.  Click through for some fun photos of last night, including SNEAK PEAKS into some OFF LIMIT areas at your favorite ol’ Theatre!

Ok so this wasn’t at the TT, but I wanted to grab your attention!!

We’ll start our trek through the Texas via the “old” manager rooms at the Theatre that are not currently in use and thus…

Once you brave the skinny steps up, you first notice the lovely sky blue that adorns the top of the Texas Theatre.

The intriguing parts up stairs are 1. the unique view inside.

Then you venture into the rooms and find some wonderful historic elements of the Texas.

Some flavor.

and then the important stuff…THE SAFE!

I thought I’d hit the jackpot but darn it…

It’s also really neat to see the view from the old manager’s room.

The real treat though was getting to see the actual 35mm testing happening.  BUT FIRST we had to venture up the scariest darn stairs EVER!

Ok that wasn’t really the door into the stairs – but the second secret dungeon (the first secret dungeon is where late night movies are played every once and a while!).   There is also a really cool “blocked off” door that leads…I’m guessing to hell?

What is behind there?  I have NO IDEA!  But I did find a ladder just tucked away.

Is that Blood?  AWWWWW!!!  Don’t remember that!  Not everything is creepy though, I got a close up view of the bricks and they are quiet beautiful.

O GAWD IS THAT BLOOD TOO!!!?!?   Jeez was there blood everywhere and I didn’t notice till now?

Here is the “for now closed” balcony (but a tall skinny bird that shares the same name as our president told us that it is in the works to open up the balcony eventually!)

The real treat though of the tour was to check out the 35mm projector and also how the heck the guys were making the pretty lights flicker.

This is actually the regular projector and behind it is the 35mm one.  In fact they had to rig a piece of wood to prop up the 35mm projector.  Here is the regular projector from behind.

and the 35mm with its rigged platform.

The AMAZING thing though was just how the reels were worked.

Tattoo is optional on your movie projector operator.   Folks he was doing it by hand, now that is freaking old school!

Freaking awesome stuff.  Got to see some old Little Rascal’s footage amongst other greatness that you had to be there to check out!

A hell of a crowd showed up too!

Let’s play WHERE’S WALDO?  Can you spot the Chief People Officer?

If you haven’t been to the Texas Theatre – WHAT THE HELLS WRONG WITH YOU?  GO GET CHECKED OUT, then when the doc says your ok head on over to Oak Cliff’s finest Theatre!

Right now you can check out the most exciting film out – TROLL HUNTER!!  No kidding this is ten times better then Transformers and Green Lantern combined!  Put that on a poster!  Magnet Releasing rocks!

Check out Magnet’s website and the trailer for TROLL HUNTER, here!!

Check out the times of the screening via the Texas Theatre website, here!!

Thanks to KK for letting me in on this greatness and thanks to Adam, Barak, Jason and Eric for bringing back to life the coolest venue in North Texas.



One response

1 07 2011
Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham

Thanks for the shout out! And thanks for capturing it all, Gadi! I HATED not to be there. This posts almost makes me feel like I was….. almost!

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