Exclusive Interview with Director Derek Westerman

8 06 2011

Director Derek Westerman chatted with PSD about numerous topics including his series of shorts, BAD DADS, which stars Michael Cera and Will Hines.

Derek was at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival 2011 showcasing his hilarious short, Bad Dads.   Derek and I started our chat by discussing the DIFF 2011 experience.

In my research I’d read about a small Ohio town that Derek was raised in, so I asked what it was like growing up and Derek let me in on a little secret.

From Toledo to Loyola Marymount University‘s film school.

Derek would continue to hone his talents at NYU’s master’s program.

I had to know how Derek came across Upright Citizens Brigade and how he has now convinced damn near all of them to work with him.

Yeah who wouldn’t want to work with Michael Cera.  Derek finished his story about just how he’s gotten so many folks to be in his shorts.

In the process of talking about how he created the idea behind Bad Dads, Derek gave a real sneak peak as he talked about the very first thing they shot.

Derek talks about when the shoot happened and how Michael Cera kept him slightly in the dark.

He shelved it for a little time and wasn’t sure what to do with this wild project.

Check back next week for PART 2, as Derek and I talked about Bad Dad’s future as well as Derek’s  other exciting future projects!




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