Slacker 2011 Exclusive Interview with Director Geoff Marslett

6 06 2011

20 years ago a young and bold filmmaker decided to film a movie about the city he lived in, at the time the project was called No Longer/Not Yet.  In the end that film would be called SLACKER and it’d help birth, raise and educate an indie movement.  The Austin Film Society and Alamo Drafthouse are teaming up to honor Director Richard Linklater’s classic film with a unique project.  Austin’s finest directors of today are coming together to recreate the film, adding their own style to the classic.  PSD caught up with one of those directors.  Here is our Exclusive Interview with Director Geoff Marslett.

Our buddy Geoff, along with 23 of the most celebrated Austin filmmakers will remake vignettes from AFS Founder & Artistic Director Richard Linklater’s seminal film SLACKER.

Participating Filmmakers & Teams:
Miguel Alvarez
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
AFS Film Club
Austin School of Film
Bradley Beesley
John Bryant
Bob Byington
Mike Dolan
Sam Wainwright Douglas
Jay Duplass
Chris Eska
Paul Gordon
Amy Grappell
Duane Graves
Berndt Mader
Geoff Marslett
Spencer Parsons
PJ Raval
Bob Ray
Reel Women UT Chapter
Elisabeth Sikes
Karen Skloss
Ben Steinbauer
David & Nathan Zellner

The project is hoping to raise $60,000 toward the 2011 Texas Filmmakers Production Fund, the TFPF has been helping Austin filmmakers for decades including all of the above filmmakers and teams.  It’s the one of the key life forces of the Texas Filmmaker and a cause that all the directors and talent believe in wholeheartedly.  Here is our chat with Geoff Marslett one of the talented Directors behind Slacker 2011!

I opened our conversation by asking what was the latest news with Geoff’s beautifully animated romantic romp, MARS.

The filmmakers’ completed scenes/vignettes will be edited into a completed film that will be shown on August 31st at the Paramount Theater.  Director Richard Linklater will be in attendance and take part in a Q & A after the screening.   Geoff talks about first hearing about the project.

Bryan’s really been a huge catalyst for this project coming to be a do-able film and Geoff talks about the scene breaking down process.

A little shout out to Bryan’s latest piece of greatness for the USA network and those fellas with the last name Scott!

Geoff talked about the people he got to work with and also about the unique element of his shoot.

Now there is also a few more shots that Geoff covered and he talks about a really cool Austin House.  Ok one more kick ass photo of Heather Kafka!

I was curious if any of the scenes couldn’t be shot and Geoff talks about the addition as well as the changes.

I asked Geoff about the community of filmmakers that have been brought together for this project and what’s it been like working all together.

Geoff talks about being part of such a unique project.

I asked Geoff about getting to finally work with Amy Bench who is the DP for his scenes.

Of all the directors on this project, Geoff shares a unique kinship to Richard Linklater in that both of the talented Directors have utilized animation in their careers.  Geoff was kind enough to chat about that connection and also some other similar projects that have him excited about this Slacker remake’s potential.

Geoff was awesome enough to talk about one element of his Slacker scene that is going to pave the wave for a major element that he’ll use for his next film project.

Geoff’s website.

Amy Bench’s Website.

Slacker 2011 Facebook Page.




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