Graphic Novels, Comics, Anime, and Toons: Art As Story, curated by Zane Steadman Reception Sunday June 5th

3 06 2011

The Texas Visual Arts Association opened Art As Story on June 1st and the event will run through the 30th with curator Zane Steadman.  This Sunday, June 5th is a special reception to introduce the event.  Click through for more details on this fun, enlightening and educational event geared toward showcasing the impact Comics, Anime and Toon art can have on our youth.

TVAA has partnered with Bert Cole and the wonderful folks behind Dallas Junior Tennis and Learning’s  Lost Boys Project team,  headed by James Disco, who produced Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Bert Cole and James Disco helping bring tennis, comics and hope to our Dallas youth!!

This exhibition features the work of several published comic book and cartoon artists, local students, TVAA members, and the graphic novel work of Zane Steadman. Participating artists include Niki Singelton (illustrator of the Lost Boys graphic novel), Keith Douglas (illustrator of the second up-coming graphic novel), Michael Hawkins, Steve Erwin, Kit Lively, Terry Gammill, Cindy Hau, Lauren Black, Keenan Arnold, Brandon Sparks, Robert Wedepohl, Kimberly Harris, KeLaine Kvale, Joe Brown, and Zane Steadman.”

The artists and Zane Steadman will be at Sunday’s Reception.

Reception: June 5, 2 – 4 pm

TVAA Downtown Gallery
Plaza of the Americas
701 N Pearl, Suite G-207




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