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2 06 2011

With summer upon us now and the heat starting to rise, I thought we could get some comfort from those lovable folks at Acorn Media.  Well they’ve come through and more as PSD will now have more giveaways involving some of the best British/Canadian/Australian Comedy, Drama and Educational series over the last few decades.  Lets get started with the fun, click thru to find out how to win!

We have three blu-ray/dvd sets to giveaway.  Up first is the highly acclaimed Canadian Series.

This lovely Blu Ray3-Disc Set of MURDOCH MYSTERIES: SEASON 3 !  The show was officially released by Acorn Media just over a month ago.  The show is an intriguing mixture of new forensic science (well for Victorian era Toronto that is) being utilized by Detective William Murdoch and his team to solve the mysteries that plague the bustling Canadian city.  Its a show that was highly beloved by the Canadian public and the critics as well.

Based on the characters from award-winning author Maureen Jennings’ Detective Murdoch novels, the acclaimed Canadian series has garnered 25 Gemini® nominations to its credit, including Best Writing, Best Actor and Best Original Score.”

For more information on the show and its creator visit the website –

Up next is a look into the trilling world of Special Forces agent John Neil.

Dennis Waterman (New Tricks) plays the former SAS operative now working for British intelligence.  The DVD 2-Disc Set includes  4 episodes – The Wolves Are Howling, Dark Secret, Kalon, and Sleeping Dogs.  The show was made available for us North American folks, for the first time ever, only a few weeks ago! 

“Circles of Deceit features several top British actors, including guest stars Derek Jacobi (I, Claudius, Cadfael, Discovering Hamlet), Corin Redgrave, John Hannah (The Mummy), and Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey) as well as Peter Vaughan (The Remains of the Day) Kate Buffery (Trial & Retribution), and Clare Higgins (Silent Witness), and Susan Jameson (New Tricks).”

And lastly but certainly not least is 1976 ITV Drama, made available to US audiences for the first time on May 17th, The Feathered Serpent complete series DVD.

Dr. Who (well the second one that is) himself, Patrick Troughton, plays the lead in The Feathered Serpent.  Instead of the time traveling fella he plays villainous high priest Nasca who’s up to no good!  The show has a pretty scary sounding premise…Nasca, a servant of the bloodthirsty god Teshcata, he’s determined to topple the peace-loving emperor Kukulkhan and prevent a marriage that will unite two kingdoms under the benevolent god Quala, the “Feathered Serpent.”.

But I feel like the adventurous story of Tozo, a brave servant boy played by Richard Willis (who’d play Varsh in the 80’s Dr. Who series), is a wonderfully entertaining and timeless tale of how good can defeat evil (well sorta).  The 2 DVD set (12 episodes) is perfect for adults and children as it’s themes and story are never that scary but still infuse all the qualities that make it a fun entertaining tale.  I like the Daily Record’s by-line on the show.

“A cracking Mexico-based romp through curses, secrets, and angry gods”—Daily Record 

“Cracking” is always a great way to talk about a cool show like The Feathered Serpent.


It’s really simple!

Head on over to our Facebook page.  Like the page so you can make comments.  In our comment section please give the # of the question you’re answering and your answer to that question.   Here are the questions.

Question # 1 – Who plays Detective William Murdoch in the Murdoch Mysteries?

Question # 2 – What TV show, having it’s Acorn Media Release on June 7th, co-stars Dennis Waterman (the lead in Circles of Deceit)?  Hint – The lovely Mrs. Amanda Redman is the lead in this detective series, who’s 4th season is the one being released on the 7th.

Question # 3 – Founded in 1984, this company, would be renamed Acorn Media in 1994?

All of these answers can easily be found on the Acorn Media Website or IMDB if you’re lazy (*Question #2).

Remember go to our Facebook page – Like us and give your answers in the Comment section!




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