The Birthday Boys at the Texas Theatre – A Roundtable.

28 05 2011

What to do this weekend?  Take part in the unique and bold production that is The Birthday Boys at the Texas Theatre and stick around for blood, guts, and rampage that is Hobo with a Shotgun.  The team behind The Birthday Boys and two of the fearless foursome that is the Texas Theatre took part in a rountable discussion about the production.

Ok Hawthorne was a little to busy tweaking his kick ass stache’ to be part of the roundtable.  But here is the inside look at one of the best theater productions in Dallas/Fort Worth this weekend.  We’ll start out with how this bold idea came about.   Eric Steele talks about how Aaron sent him the script.

Jason Reimer and Eric Steele give a candid look at how they’ve made the Texas Theatre into one of the most talked about venue in the metroplex.  O and remember “threats work”!

The Birthday Boy actors (Trevor David, Nando Betancur and James Ryen) talked about having to expand their performances on such a large stage.

Eric and Jason talked about how the set, lighting and new screen helped give the play a completely unique feel.

The guys talk about how when they first saw the stage how it really helped hyped them up.

Another element of the play that really expands this production to a new level is the music choices between scenes.  Aaron and Trevor talk about the impact of the music on the cast and the audience.

Writer and Director Aaron Kozak had previously informed PSD about how a trip to Vietnam was one of the influences behind the play and Aaron talks more specifically about that trip.

The other major influence for Aaron was his grandfather who had served proudly during WWII.  Check out our chat with Aaron from earlier in the week to hear more about his grandfather, here.  However, Aaron did share a funny story that his granddad had told him and it really showcases the dark comedy element that is so rampant and well-down in The Birthday Boys.

Ali Saam brilliantly plays “The Leader” in the play and gives a different point of view of how Aaron’s play crosses boundaries rather then building them.

Trevor talks about the almost bi-polar feel to the play and how it helps build a convincing atmosphere.

Come out this weekend!!!




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