Director Richard Ayoade talks Submarine

27 05 2011

British Writer/Actor and now feature length film Director Richard Ayoade brings us a quirky new comedy about an eccentric youth.  Submarine opens next Friday, June 3rd, Richard took part in a Q & A session where he discussed his directorial debut.

Submarine is based on Joe Dunthorne’s novel in which a young kid takes us on the journey that showcases his first love.  Well sorta like that anyways.  Add on a quick witted love interest, sad parents going through their own issues of love, and a wild ass character named Graham Purvis who’s picture should help highlight his unique qualities.

Hell Paddy Considine’s performance alone should make you purchase your movie ticket in advance!  But the real tug and pull of this unusual comedy is that darn adorable love story between Oliver and Jordana.

But enough of me babbling.  Director Richard Ayoade took part in a Q & A where he discussed his film.  Here are a few of the questions from that Q & A.

1. Sandra Kraisirideja from Audio Hollywood asked about directors and films that influenced Richard.

2.   Lauren Kawam from College Times asked about Richard’s choices in how to handle Joe’s characters.

3.  Lance Carter from the Daily Actor asked Richard about how he approached working with his two young leads.

4.  Irv Slifkin from Movie’s Unlimited asked about being a first time feature film director.

5.  And we’ll end with my question.  I went a little more into what I felt Richard would feel most comfortable talking about.  He’s had an extensive radio and TV career in comedy, even being president of the famous Footlights club at Cambridge University (a prestigious calling card to have coming out of University).  The thing though that I was intrigued about in connection with Submarine was the music behind the film.  Richard honed his directing chops by filming some of the best up and coming band’s music videos.  From the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Vampire Weekend to Kasabian he’s worked with a huge group of rock and indie rock bands/musicians.  But it’s the Artic Monkeys who have had a long lasting friendship and partnership with Richard.  So here was my question to Director Richard Ayoade.

Warp Films Submarine page, here.




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