Take Me Home – Q & A with Director/Writer/Actor Sam Jaeger and Producer Jane Kelly Kosek

26 05 2011

The feature film debut from talented actor Sam Jaeger (Parenthood) is a wild ride across our country and into our hearts.  Sam and Producer Jane Kelly Kosek stopped by the USA Film Festival a few weeks back and discussed the film.  Here is the Q & A that followed the screening.

You never really know when, where, why, or who you might meet from day to day.  For Sam Jaeger’s character Thom, a down and out New Yorker, one bold choice to drive an unlicensed NYC taxi cab completely changes his life.  Along his trek through the city Thom picks-up a passenger who is herself distraught and going through her own pain.  Together these two strangers traverse from the East to the West coast.  It’s a funny, quirky, and wild ride that along the way shows these two strangers falling in love.  Sam opened the Q & A by giving the back-story behind this (his) love story.

Wait 7 years? Sam explains how and why the film took so long.

Producer Jane Kelly Kosek talks about how her and Sam met.

Now if you check out the IMDB page you’ll notice a ton of Jaegers in the film, well Sam explains how it wasn’t only a family experience but for one leading lady it was marriage.

That’s right they’re married in real life, cool aint it.  Our good buddy Casanova Liz asked a wonderful question about the lovely couple.

One element of the film that really stands out is the wonderful music.  Sam talks about who he got to help with the music behind the film.

Being able to film ‘across the country’ had its ups and downs.  It was really intriguing to hear how the taxi cab was a huge issue along the journey, but not really for any reason you’d be able to guess.

There were other issues, like having to shoot around security guards wanting to stop the shoot!

Even with all the hardships and time it took to make this film.  There are some magical moments captured on film.  Pretty much any scene with Lin Shaye is wonderful and great.

Ok here was my question to Sam.

Now the really crazy part of the film is that Sam really owns that Taxi Cab.  In fact Jane ended the Q & A with a wonderful story and Sam gets to bring up Parenthood, well sorta!!

You can find out all the great links to the wonderful love story, here.




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