The Birthday Boys at The Texas Theatre – Exclusive Interview with Playwrite Aaron Kozak

25 05 2011

The Texas Theatre welcomes playwright Aaron Kozak’s latest production, The Birthday Boys to Oak Cliff for a 4 day/night run.  Starting tomorrow night and running through the weekend is the Grapevine High School grad’s epic Marine play.  Here is PSD’s exclusive interview with Aaron about his career and about bringing his play “back home”.

Every since four fellas re-opened the historic Oak Cliff staple, The Texas Theatre on 231 W. Jefferson Blvd, no one has been able to guess what’s coming up next.  Their choices are bold, ballsy and most importantly bountiful.  Something kick ass is always on its way to the Texas Theatre or is merely waiting to be announced.  But it’s those first two B’s that really stand-out.  Bold and Ballsy easily sums up Eric, Jason, Barak, and Adam’s choices over the last year.  Bringing a play like this from LA to Oak Cliff showcases those two choices perfectly.  Mainly because this is a play that is itself bold and ballsy.

Lets get to meeting it’s creator, Aaron Kozak.  Before we jump in though.  I’d like to give Aaron the good news.  Buddy. you can now take this picture right here in TEXAS and not all the way back in LA or ol’ Sin City.

Lets start with ‘where ya from Aaron’?

Aaron talked about what makes OU’s Theater program so helpful for having future in the theatrical world.

I asked Aaron when did he start to really think of himself as a playwrite and he brought up his first big writing teacher.

Aaron and I then discussed the play, The Birthday Boys.

One of the great additions to the production, you all can see at the Texas Theatre, is something specifically created for the production.  The TT’s Eric Steele has created a real treat utilizing the BRAND NEW screen of the Theatre’s and I’ll let Aaron talk about what exactly is going to be going on.

Aaron and I chatted about putting on his play in such a historic place.

I’ll let myself ask the next question, because I get to say “Big Ass Stage”.

More questions about that big ass stage at the Texas Theatre.

I asked Aaron if he liked to shout out to anyone and he did that and also threw in a really incredible story about how a real life marine forever changed the play.

Come one, Come All.  Lets help fill up this awesome Theatre.

Texas Theatre Facebook Page for The Birthday Boys.




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