Skateland – Q & A with Director Anthony Burns, Producer Brandon Freeman, Producer Justin Gilley and Actor/Producer Heath Freeman.

24 05 2011

A step back into the late 70’s and mid 80’s with some good ol’ Texas boys!  Skateland is a wonderfully fun and entertaining film that is now in theaters.  Director Anthony Burns, Producer Justin Gilley, Producer Brandon Freeman , and Producer/Actor Heath Freeman took part in a Q & A on Monday evening following the screening of Skateland at the Angelika Theater in Dallas.


15 February 2011  © 2010 – Freestyle Releasing

In the vein of the Austin classic by Richard Linklater Dazed and Confused and George Lucas’ American Graffiti, Skateland is a loud, fun, and wild ride through the late 70’s and mid 80’s.  Its a glimpse into East Texas that many folks don’t know about.  It’s beautifully shot, funny and the music behind the film really gives it the “umff” needed to back up the Black Knight (check out Heath Freeman ‘Brent Burkham’s’ kick ass ride further down the post)!

Still of Anthony Burns, Heath Freeman and Brandon Freeman in Skateland
15 February 2011  © 2010 – Freestyle Releasing  – Producer Brandon Freeman, Director Anthony Burns and Heath Freeman (Brent Burkham)

Brandon Freeman talked about the timeline of the film.

They discussed the East Texas connection they have and how that is something they wanted to be an underlying (but yet only hinted at in the movie) theme of the film.  It’s a Texas film without having to say so.

But the team also wanted to touch upon the universal qualities of the film and so they chose Shreveport as their Texas backdrop.

Anthony talks about the wonderful equipment the team got to utilize for the shoot.

Improving during the scenes became something special on the set and allowed for a fun and raucous atmosphere.

Anthony talked about the major car chase in the film.

Still of Heath Freeman in Skateland

15 February 2011  © 2010 – Freestyle Releasing.

I had a question for Heath aka Christopher Walken?

Heath ended things off by talking about those comparisons to other films and also gave a great shout out to the film’s wonderful Editor, Robert Hoffman.

Still of Heath Freeman, Shiloh Fernandez and Ashley Greene in Skateland

15 February 2011  © 2010 – Freestyle Releasing.   Still of  Shiloh Fernandez, Ashley Greene, and Heath Freeman in Skateland.



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