TFW Zombie Walk through Derrick Terrell’s Lens

13 05 2011

Not even Waldo could hide from those damn Zombies.

Spooky I know.  To celebrate Friday the 13th I thought we’d share with you Derrick Terrell Williams photo adventure from the Texas Frightmare Weekend Zombie Walk.  We’ve gone thru the 800 plus (that’s right!) photos from DTW’s TFW Zombie Walk experience and picked out our top 23 favorites.  We’ll start out our journey through the vast wasteland of zombies with a few soldiers to protect us.

You have to be witty to keep up with all these darn Zombies.  I mean it could be anyone.  A Dallas Cowboy Fan?

Rangers Fans?

Gosh she even brought her own Nurse.  What other crazy folks were out and about…Roller Derby Girls?

Even a guy in a Hawaiian Shirt!

In the end those darn zombies are all searching for one thing…BRAAAIIIINNNNSSSS.

They want those brains for one thing – FOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!  Eat it Big Boy!

This post is not brought to you by the YUM Brand (Kentucky Derby Joke – Sorry I’m a Gambling Man).  Speaking of Gambling Men, we sorta had some issues with our protective soldiers.

So after we lost our protectors we need some type of kick ass ride to roll around and get pics of these darn zombies.   The only ride we came across had a bit of a warning label.

That was Johnny our other camera guy (don’t worry Derrick took better pictures anyways).  I mean in the end we just had to realize that Zombies aren’t that bad.

It’s so true you know.  I mean they hang out like regular friends.

Ok a bit of a weird set of friends.  But hey Zombies were people too.  That means taking marriage vows seriously and having cute little cuddly kiddos.

Now to think of it, there were a few brides out and about.

Ok so it was weird seeing all these darn kids around.  I mean this little girl wouldn’t stop screaming at us.  WHAT’S YOUR DEAL LITTLE GIRL!?!?

Geez, guess it was better then when this darn Zombie asked us to find his tooth in his OWN FREAKING NECK – DISGUSTING!!

How do you even bite your own neck?  Well that’s not that crazy, cuz this kid somehow tried to eat his own brains!

See that Head Gash, no joke but all that blood was from him trying to get his fingers on his own BRAIN.  But that still wasn’t the weirdest or creepiest thing that day.  I mean take a look at this stare down!!

Look lady we don’t want any of your dead baby!!  Geez.  Well this girl won the prize for most authentic costume (though no awards were given out – to busy running!!!).

Respect!  In the end though we all just end up like this poor bastard.

It all comes down to these rules.

1.  Never expose Zombies to bright lights (especially sunlight, which will kill them)

2. Never get it wet

3. Never feed it after midnight.

Wait damnit, those are the rules for Mogwai (like Gizmo not the band) not Zombies.  Ok well in the end if you see someone eating brains – RUN AWAY!  I mean ANYONE.  Even freaking Strawberry Shortcake somehow comes to life and walks around eating brains – RUN AWAY!

I mean Zombies will bite ANYONE!  Even Nazi’s, yep DAMN NAZI’S!

When the hell did SS agents move into Irving?  As Jewish fella living in Las Colinas – THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO BE DIVULGED.

Happy Friday the 13th.

All Photos by PSD’s Derrick Terrell Williams.




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