Exclusive Interview with Tiger Darrow part 3.

12 05 2011

Tiger Darrow will open up for Zoe Keating tomorrow night at the Kessler Theatre.  I’d like to convince you to check out the show by giving you one more look at Tiger.  Here is our third look at the talented young musician who’s mere weeks away from graduating and venturing off to the Big Apple.

From our first interview we’ve come to know a lot about young Mrs. Darrow.  She’s a talented multi-instrument trained musician who has a rich film career as well.  She’s buddy buddy with a nice Director over in Austin that many of you PSD readers may well own his awesome book, on the film-making process  (Need a hint – Bedhead).  Anyways she’s also directed, edited and scored her own short films.  She a hell of a dancer, ask her to break out some legit Irish Dancing and be prepared to be amazed.   With all that, one thing really stood out.  Tiger loves the Cello.  She’s played it since she was itty bitty.  And now she’s a day away from playing with Canadian Solo Cellist Zoe Keating.  What an amazing combo on Friday the 13th.

How about a listen at a NEW piece that Tiger played at this past week’s Jessie Frye’s CD Release at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton, Tx.

A hell of a show at Dan’s Silverleaf with Bravo, Max! opening the night right.  Tiger took over and electrified the “slightly” red-eyed Denton faithful.  Jessie sauntered on up and proceeded to arouse the crowd with her slow melodic style mingling brilliantly with her raucous backing band.  Jessie showcased a few of the 5 song EP that is well worth a listen!  Then those darn Spooky Folks closed down Dan’s with another quality show (my old butt had to skip out before the end of their set…womp womp).  Anyways a quality evening.  Tiger played a great tune from her Cary Pierce Produced Album Hello (one of two quality EPs she’s released this year).  Here is Watch Over Me at Dan’s Silverleaf.

Ok lets jump back into Tiger’s past.  We left off, the last interview, at her historic and epic 18th birthday par-tay.

Tiger and her Uncle Allen have had a nice history at the Kessler Theatre and she talks about being a pretty regular act at the quality venue.  A bit more love thrown to Jeff, Melissa and the Kessler Gang.

So the details – Tiger and Zoe at the Kessler on Friday the 13th!!

Of course that means Uncle Allen with Tiger on the familiar Kessler Stage.

And one final little Congrats to PSD’s favorite little sis-tah.

Congrats Tiger!

Well Deserved.

Here is Tiger’s Website.

The Kessler Theatre.

Zoe Keating.

Jessie Frye.

Bravo, Max!

Spooky Folk.

Dan Dyer.

David Garza.

Cary Pierce.

Dan’s Silverleaf.




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