Got Cancer?

11 05 2011

The title of this post is more for shock value, but sadly this gripping documentary showcases how its not far off the reality.  Forks over Knives isn’t your typical food documentary that tries to scare you with scenes of animals being slaughtered.  In fact the only open bodies we see are humans who’ve been in surgery with world class surgeons.  This documentary does something different, something unique, and thus something groundbreaking.  A life altering film.

The premise of the film is perfectly stated on the website.

The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

It’s the belief of the filmmakers and subjects throughout the film that the nutritional value system we’ve had for the last 50 + years is slowly killing us rather then making us a healthy species.

The wide variety of people that push this rethinking of our nutritional system is the real selling power behind the film.  Its not a bunch of shots of slaughter houses or animals being mistreated.  The documentary isn’t about showing you the horrors, but rather it gets down to the pure science behind nutrition.  Its a film that showcases how over time the introduction of meats and dairy related nutrition systems has increased our cases of disease with Cancer being the main focal point.  From Washington DC to China our views of food and dietary systems are being manipulated by lobbyists, companies who are  intruding into our governments, and those companies flat out lying about the benefits of certain foods.

The National Government, more in particular the medical/dietary organizations, are the ones the film is trying to showcase.  How have these government bodies have not acted for our best health but rather to pad their pockets with money and votes, is a legitimate question raised by the film.  Its shocking to see the evidence that the consumption of meat and milk from cattle has been one of the main causes for our country’s obesity levels.  Its also another point to realize the amazing statistical evidence showcasing how animal based products are a main reason for our Cancer levels being higher then any other country on the planet.  The film brings up this rather obvious rationale.

If you have a human baby – born it weighs 8-12 lbs.

If you have a Baby Cow – born it weighs 14-20 lbs.

A human growth range is around  150-300lbs to be fully grown.

A Cow’s growth range is much larger 600-1000 lbs.

Why then do we drink and eat the same dairy consumption?  Why are we raised on cow’s milk since we’re first put into school?  What exactly is the Got Milk campaign really about?  The notion is that milk is ESSENTIAL to our bones’ growth because of the amount of calcium and protein in dairy products.  Well the film showcases how this isn’t true and in fact milk is having a negative impact on our health.  We can look at the Chinese for a more modern look at the growth of Cancer with the eating of animal based products (not just beef – but chicken and fish are also problematic to our health).

Over the last 30 years the nation of China has increased its number of McDonalds, Taco Bells, and other fast food.  In this same time period the cases of Cancer throughout the nation have climbed DRASTICALLY.  In fact there is a study, shown in the film, that shows how certain more modern cities have much higher rates of Cancer then their rural countrymen.

Overall this film is an intelligent, well paced and utterly moving documentary that should be shown in schools, hospitals and honestly everywhere!

Also for those men out there, thinking this isn’t a subject that effects them, the documentary showcases how drastically effected we are compared to women.  Also the inclusion of Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig in the documentary was a nice jolt of excitement and a change of pace from the “normal” vegan talking heads.

This is a must see not because its well made or looks incredible, but honestly because it might save your life.

For more information visit their website here.

Enjoy the trailer:




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