Texas Frightmare Weekend – Freddy!! Robert Englund Q & A Part 1

7 05 2011

Photo by Derrick Terrell Williams.

This past weekend at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving Robert Englund took part in a Texas Frightmare Weekend Q & A.  It’s Friday Night and here is Freddy Krueger!!!

Photo By Derrick Terrell Williams

Moderator John Wildman started out the entertaining hour long Q & A by asking if Robert knew Freddy would blow up.

Robert reflects on his early theater days into his early Hollywood and Television days prior to Freddy.

Robert gives a wonderful shout out to this Fan base and gives a shot at Cheers (seriously!!)

Photo by George Wada.

Robert talks about a wonderful show that never really got to take off and how that failure inspired him to start working in a horror sub-genre that he’s been working in over the last 5 or 6 years at.

Photo By Derrick Terrell Williams.

Robert talks more about his tremendous audience.

John Wildman asked Robert a great question!

So much more with Robert Englund next week and of course next Friday just happens to be FRIDAY THE 13th (see ya then!).

Robert’s Website.

Facebook Page.


Texas Frightmare Weekend

George Wada.




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