USA FILM FESTIVAL Q & A with NoNames panel Including Legendary Actor Barry Corbin

6 05 2011

This past weekend the USA Film Festival showcased the first time feature film from Director Kathy Lindboe, NONAMES.  Here is the emotional, enlightening, and entertaining Q & A with the NONAMES Panel that include Director Kathy Lindboe, Legendary Actor Barry Corbin, Actors Peter McCain and Casey Greig.

Barry Corbin introduced the movie and had almost everyone on the verge of tears.  A wonderful tribute to his good friend and former manager Hillard Elkins.

Just prior to Barry introducing the film a Tribute Video was shown about Barry’s great career and here’s what he thought about it.

Barry talks about his Public Radio Playwriting work back in the day.

NONAMES Director Kathy Lindboe talks about the background of her story.

Kathy talks about making her first film and the bold choices she made to accomplish the task.

Barry talks about his busy schedule and about one particular future role that his him completely intrigued.

Kathy ended the evening with some GREAT NEWS!

NONAMES website is HERE.

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