Texas Frightmare Weekend Red Carpet Interview with Doug Bradley aka Pinhead from Hellraiser

2 05 2011

Doug Bradley aka Hellraiser‘s Pinhead chatted with PSD on the Texas Frightmare Weekend Red Carpet this past Friday.  Doug was awesome enough to talk about Clive Barker, his adoring fans, and even Liverpool futbol.  Seriously, he even talks about Malcolm McDowell.  Enjoy the greatness after the jump!!

Doug Bradley posed with fans, signed autographs and told fun stories.  Easily one of the nicest folks at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend.  Here is our Red Carpet Interview with Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley.

Video shot and edited by George Wada.

Yeah that is Doug Bradley telling us that Malcolm McDowell is also a huge Liverpool fan (psssstttt… we’ll have more from Malcolm McDowell in the near future!!).  Doug was such a blast to see around all weekend.  The fans got a real treat.

Doug didn’t have a problem chatting up folks or posing for photos.

All Photos by Derrick Terrell Williams.




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