The Trip is a Dry Jaunt into Steve and Rob’s Sarcasm-filled Galactic World of Comedic Genius.

28 04 2011

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in Michael Winterbottom’s THE TRIP. Photo by Phil Fisk.  An IFC Films release.

The two British Comedians are thrust into a vacation to the Northern part of England in the extremely dry but joyful ride that is Director Michael Winterbottom‘s The Trip

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in Michael Winterbottom’s THE TRIP. Photo by Phil Fisk.  An IFC Films release.

Steve Coogan‘s character is trying to salvage a vacation he planned with his young American girlfriend.  She has gone back to our side of the pond and Steve is left on his own to figure a “replacement” vacation partner.  He finally decides on his old friend Rob.  As we witness the two travel through the Northern landscapes of England we also are treated to some of the area’s finer restaurants.  Overall Michael Winterbottom’s film is beautifully shot and the sarcastic/dry comedic feel never becomes stale with the constant “movement” along their trip.  The pacing of the film is just right to not force the audience to want more or want less.  Michael’s films over the last few years ( The Killer Inside Me , A Summer in Genoa , and A Mighty Heart ) have all shared a “beauty” that has become a Winterbottom style, but the dark material has painted him as a “serious” director.  But those that remember Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in the genius tale Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story , then you’ll easily see the reprising of not only their roles but of Michael’s more “fun” director side.  It’s simple if you enjoyed Tristram Shandy, then The Trip is right up your ally.  If you have never seen Tristram Shandy then A.) go see it and B.) then go see The Trip (though you don’t have to see Tristram to gather the comedy of The Trip, its a brilliant stand-alone piece).  Another unique element of the film is the 6 episode TV version of The Trip that gives more chances for Steve and Rob to amaze you.  I don’t want spoil any of the duo’s comedic timing and charm that are so often showcased in the Trip.  So instead I’ll leave you all with Steve and Rob doing a scene that is from the TV Show (and is a tad bit different in the actual movie version).

You can actually see the film at the USA Film Festival.   Tonight at 7pm at the Angelika Dallas.

4 Cocks out 5 Bulls = The Trip.  A brilliant sarcastic look at two old friends battling back and forth along an entertaining journey through the English country side.  I recommend you see this and see it often.




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