Texas FrightMare Weekend – Exclusive with the main man himself Loyd Cryer

27 04 2011

Do you realize that all your deepest and darkest fears are about to be eclipsed by the multi-tude of SCARY ass folks coming to town?  Who knows what the heck is going to go down!!  Here is our Exclusive Interview with the man behind the festival – Loyd Cryer.

In the state of Texas you either go big or go home!  Loyd talks about having that attitude and how it’s helped bring great talent to TFW.


Japanese Icon Yoshihiro Nishimura and actress Eihi Shiina are here for what may well be a once in a lifetime meet and greet!

What about those folks that TFW has showcased for the last few years.

Loyd talks about the origins of the festival and how showcasing the Texas Talent would lead to a strong fan base.

Loyd tells another story about the close-knit relationships of folks in horror films has lead him lead to have wonderful contacts and connections.

I asked Loyd what were the elements of the Weekend that intrigued him the most.

Did Loyd just say Saw?

Yes he did, do you want him to talk more about Saw?  As you wish…

Freddy and Rob Zombie.

It’s really simple – BE HERE THIS WEEKEND.

4440 W John Carpenter Fwy, Irving, Texas 75063
Maps: Google, Yahoo!, MapQuest

You can end up like Loyd and say you’ve meet some of your favorite folks in horror!!!

How about Loyd’s favorite guest of all-time?




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