Commanding Your Attention!

25 04 2011

I didn’t realize that when COMMAND PERFORMANCE says it’s bringing together 10 of the world’s greatest dance stars that they really meant it!  Easily one of the most captivating and stunning evenings at the beautiful Winspear Opera House.

The evening opened with an awards showcase honoring the talented choreographers and dancers.  The Command Performance program was split into two acts with 9 total performances.  Star power was in full force as American Ballet Theatre’s Julie Kent was part of two performances and Mrs. Twyla Tharp watched from the orchestra area with a bevy of friends and fellow dance celebs.  The full repertoire (in alphabetical order).

Armenia – A TITAS commissioned world premiere by Twyla Tharp. Charles Hodges and Chalnessa Eames.

Armenia opened the second act of the evening an was by far the most “modern” and hip of all the performances.  The stark blue background and playful nature of the world premiere allowed for a wonderfully fun showcase.  Charles Hodges back and forth with lovely Chalnessa Eames was greatly portrayed.  The performance opened with a pretty haunting tune that made you feel like Chalnessa and Charles were going to have a tough romp.

This would be quickly morphed into the playful element that made this world premiere shine.

Chalnessa’s playful jaunt with Charles was just so fun and youthful.  I’m not under the notion that this is one of Mrs. Tharp’s GREATEST EVER, but it was a vibrant change-up to the classics and more avant garde material in the full repertoire.   The closing, the nearly 10 minute performance, was just so wonderfully done.

Cruel World  – By James Kadelka.   Julie Kent and Guillaume Côté.

Julie and Guillaume’s two piece together were amazing to watch.  The perfect precision and  subtle nature in which Julie and Guillaume work is so captivating.  Two masters oozing sex, love, and unity.  Great stuff!

Manon Act I Pas de Deux – Julie Kent and Guillaume Côté.

Splendid Isolation III  – By Jessica Lang.  Alicia Graff and Jamar Roberts

Caught   –  By David Parsons.  Miguel Quiñones.

The avant garde feel of Miguel’s solo epic performance was truly enlightening.  I wish I could share with you the amazing still photos I captured (but aw those Winspear folks are smart and made me delete all my photos!).  But the “strobe light” fixture to the performance allowed Miguel the ability to “almost” fly in place.  It was such a visually stunning performance!

Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux  –  By George Balanchine. Yuriko Kajiya and Jared Matthews.

Le Corsaire Grand Pas de Deux – Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco.

Pretty Ballet Pas de Deux  – By James Kadelka. Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco.

Dying Swan – Version by Les Ballets Trockadero.  Joshua Grant.

A special shout out to the performance of the evening.  Joshua Grant aka KATERINA BYCHKOVA played the Dying Swan with a hysterical pace and style.  Easily the crowd’s response to Josh’s amazing show highlights just how magical a performance it really was.  Don’t believe me, well just take a listen to the laughter from the opening of Josh’s performance.

Now take a listen to the amazing ovation given to KATERINA BYCHKOVA.

Commanding indeed!




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