There’s a Jungle out there – Exclusive Interview with Director Michael Webber

20 04 2011

What do you do if you see a mountain lion walking down your street?  Who do you call if you see a full-groan male lion on the freeway?  Why would you live in a home where there’s a 18 foot boa constrictor “stuck” in the wall?  These are not tales from some far off African or South American Jungle.  Rather its here in America.  Director Michael Webber’s documentary tackles the world of big game animals in towns across our country.  Interview after the jump.

Michael started out by catching us up on his history.

The film showcases the incredible amount of big and deadly wild animals being sold throughout our country.  But the reason why the documentary is so compelling is because of the tough situation the two main figures in the film are dealing with.  Author/Animal Expert/ Police Officer/Firefighter/Paramedic are just a few of the many labels for the wonderful Tim Harrison, who is on the front lines of the struggle with wild animals in our country.

The other central figure in the film is animal lover Terry Brumfield who raised two lions from birth but sadly Terry passed away in a car accident last September.  A man that truly loved his lions and you will come to love Terry by the end of this film.

I asked Michael who did he meet first?

But he had met Terry by that point.

The friendships that Michael gains with Tim and Terry are what make the film stand out.  Michael explains why those friendships stand out.

Michael talks about how Tim and Terry’s stories come together in a wild ending that is just so unbelievable.

The film has two monumental incidents that were both unpredictable and unbelievable.  Michael talks about the haunting final moments of the film.

The really amazing thing about this documentary is realizing that Michael pretty much is a one man film crew.

Michael talked about the equipment he used to accomplish this access most effectively.

Michael Ended by talking about the impact Film Festivals can have on films and also about the current release schedule for the documentary.

This is easily one of the best films of 2011 and a must see!

For more on the film – click HERE.

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