Evil Bong 3-D HERE on 4-20!

19 04 2011

PSD wants you all to grind up your favorite white widow nug and come take over the INWOOD THEATER on 4-20.   Director Charles Band of Puppet Master, Re-Animator, and Ghoulies fame is here to present the sequel to Evil Bong, Evil Bong 3-D the Wrath of Bong!

If you pay attention you’ll notice a little Fellini in Puppet Master II.   I started my interview with Charles asking about how he ended up living in Italy during the heights of some tremendous Italian filmmaker’s reigns.

I asked Charles about the numerous inventive ways he’s tried to market/distribute/sale his films.

Charles and the Evil Bong gang have been on the road.  Earlier in the month they Conquered the Windy City.  This weekend they tripped out with Tempe folks.  Charles talked about the journey so far and what it’s like bringing the film to Dallas on 4-20!

What about who the special guest is?

As a fan of Charles tremendous catalog of films I had to ask if Evil Bong is starting to warrant a long series of films over the next few years.

Need more reason to come out?

4/20 at Inwood Theater.




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