Dallas IFF 2011 – A Photographer’s Showcase

19 04 2011

This year’s sponsor Caddy, had a commercial that talked about re-inventing the blue blooded look.  I’m not sure if Dallas IFF 2011 did that, but it sure was a wild ride.  Take a peak at Dallas IFF 2011 with PSD’s photographer Derrick Williams and his adventure along the Red Carpet.

We’ll start with a PSD favorite Ya’ke!

The multi-award winning Director has his short film, Katrina’s Son ,playing at Cannes!! Also he’s gearing up for his feature debut, WOLF, help him make it happen.

The Lovely Farah White.  We have a few great shots of Farah with The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy (2011) Team.

Farah and Director Tanner Beard.

Lovely Ladies Summer Glau and Farah White.

Hillcrest High’s own Actor Glenn Morshower (J.H Gordon in Film) with fellow Texan Director Tanner Beard (James Mckinnon in Film).

Derrick is a student of Glenn’s and here Mr. Morshower is being interviewed by Mallory Carrick.

Ok it’s now time for a who’s more Stunning Competition?

Summer or is it Mr. Morshower?

Such a tough call.  Ok back to the Legend of Hell’s Gate team with Farah.

Top Secret Group right here because Ryan Lee (blond kiddo) is in Super 8…hush hush…explosion…moving on.

Time to take a step off the Red Carpet to catch the tear jerker Beautiful Boy .

Producer Lee Clay (Dallas Native), Writer Michael Armbruster, Director Shawn Ku and Dallas IFF Artistic Director James Faust.  Before we jump back to the red carpet I’d like to share a few gems that Derrick caught of my interview with the lovely Gould ladies.

8” is a real treat from Dallas IFF 2011.  Director Julie Gould and star Logan Gould and I having a laugh moments before our interview.  Here is the link to the finished interview – QUALITY!

A behind the scenes shot.

Julie and Logan Gould easily one of my favorite interviews.

Thanks ladies!  You’re the best.  Back to the Red Carpet.

Big Ups to South Africa with Candice Reisser the Director of the short film Protect the Nation.

Producer Brendan McDonald of the entertaining Irish film The Runway .

Talented Composer Theodore Shapiro with the Arthur Poster.

And now for the duos on the RC.

JESS + MOSS’s, the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Narrative Feature Film, lead actress Sarah Hagan and Director Clay Jeter.

Director Dave Boyle and Actor/Musician/Writer Goh Nakamura with Surrogate Valentine.

Writer and Lead Actor Nathan Jones of, A Seizure by Nathan Jones, with Director Charles Son.

Spilt Milk’s Writer Daniel Bower (UNT!!) and Director Blake Calhoun.  Here is the interview with Blake I did earlier.

Wouldn’t be Dallas IFF/AFI Dallas without seeing Actor/Writer Chris Gardner and Director/Writer Blair Rowan (loving the pimp hat) of Narcissism and Me.

We end our showcase by introducing PSD’s photographer, Derrick Williams.




3 responses

21 04 2011
Clarke Lindsley

Yeah, you have a good eye and made everyone look good. I’m proud of you. Best of love, Clarke

4 05 2011

D, You truly have some great photographs on the site!Keep pushing towards your dream. Malcolm

4 05 2011

Sorry about the red faced character –

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