Burning RUBBER – A Journey!

18 04 2011

It seems like every time there is a major event at the Texas Theatre I need to find a “new” way to venture on over to Oak Cliff’s latest sensation.  I feel like if I need to cross the Trinity River I need to do it in refreshing and unique way.  Well the opening night screening of current indie-hit RUBBER seemed most fitting for a change of travel plans.  Here is the journey I had while burning some RUBBER.

I reside in the hilly terrain of Irving/Las Colinas and if you’ve been there you know that two things stand out about that area.  One are these darn Mustangs and the other is Texan Golfing Legend, Byron Nelson.

Now the journey from Las Colinas to Oak Cliff is around 2o-30 minutes depending on Traffic.  So I decided lets trick it up and take the Trinity trail through some of the area’s tougher neighborhoods.  You might be wondering why do that.  Well minus the dilapidated homes, scary figures watching you as you roll by, and the amazing amount of road construction this route is still one of the more scenic and fun to traverse.  RUBBER has a similar style, in a lonely and isolated desert a sole Tire brings about a vibrant change of pace to its world.  Now back to the journey.  Starting along Northgate Lane in Irving you get a glimpse of the “wealthy” side of Las Colinas, they are the people who all have memberships to the Country Club and frequent the Four Seasons.

Coming of Age story seems like such a weird label with all the avant garde elements of Quentin Dupieux’s film, but that is exactly what we are witnessing.  The pace of the film was the most shocking part of the film, it’s got a slower pace then I think anyone realizes.  Overall though this film is one of the more entertaining and funny movies to test the boundries of structure.  The fourth wall is broken, the philosophical elements of the script are pretty profound, and the killing tire is just so darn adorable.  After a while you forgive all the headless bodies the tire leaves in it’s wake.  It almost seems like those poor decapitated (through explosion) bodies deserved the bloody deaths dealt by the tire.  It felt most fitting that Stephen King’s trailer for MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE played prior to the screening.  I mean RUBBER is merely a few more wheels and a big ass chasis away from Stephen’s classic tale of rogue technology.

Now the trip from Las Colinas start with a wave towards Byron and a trip down Carl Rd.  This takes us through the southside of Irving, which isn’t the most scenic or fun communities.  At least these folks do fear the evil eyes of G-D.

You’ll have to forgive me since i’m from Moses camp rather then Jesus’ camp.  But do more crosses equal more saving power?  Ok sorry back to the long-winded journey.

So you make your way down south to Irving BLVD (a few different options – I took Carl to Grawyler to Nursery down to Irving BLVD).  Now Irving Blvd isn’t the most exciting looking either, Jan’s is out this way if you’re straving.

Ok I wouldn’t actually recommend this small food store, if you’re looking for fast food always creep towards the W’s.  Whataburger and Waffle House are both along Irving BLVD, you can’t miss them if you hit WildWood Rd. road then turn around you just missed the two W fast food staples.  Though if you can handle it I recommend sticking along the journey for another food option once we hit Oak Cliff.  More on that in a sec.  You’ll first start to get glimpses of Downtown Dallas, which means you’re going the right direction.

When you see…or smell the Kool Breeze get ready to take a right onto Mockingbird Ln.

Mockingbird Ln becomes Westmoreland as you take the voyage over the Trinity River.  Before you cross though make sure to peer left and check out the first great shots of Downtown Dallas.  Whether its during the day.

Or at Night.

Just make sure you pay attention to who’s in front of you.

Sometimes the road itself has the best “sights”, standing passengers is always a fun sight.  While you’re burning Rubber over the Trinity make sure you get ready to swing Left at the first light.  No we’re not going to be heading into the North to figure out about Maple Leafs, instead you’re taking a left onto Canada Dr.  This windy road (by the way always “go” left at any splits or changes in direction!) is a mixture of rural ruins and gangster garages.  When you hit Hampton Rd, become British and take the left “round-about” Hampton.  Easily one of the gems of the trip is doing the half circle around and then noticing the beautiful sights of downtown.  Make sure you take that first left though back onto Canada Dr., you don’t want to have to take Hampton Rd at night (Trust Me).

The Journey of the Tire in RUBBER is also one of learning and educating.  We witness it learning to “walk” and then its escalating journey in the ways of “death” and “destruction” seems so child-like and innocent.  You really hope the Tire can figure things out and move along in its death trip.

Has all this talk of death and heads exploding made you hungry?  Well Canada Dr. becomes Buckner Blvd which meets up with ZANG BLVD.  Its at this intersection that you need to park and grab some fine Vegan eats (that’s right VEGAN).

The Spiral Diner and Bakery has its origins in Fort Worth and this new location in Oak Cliff has become a welcome edition to the growing Bishop Arts District.  I’ll take my advice from Director/Actor Frank Mosley and Actor Jodie Moore, the Pasta is Quality (any of it!!).  O and if you’re bold ask for Martha The Librarian.  She’ll keep you awake for any movie you want to see!  Now you take Zang towards Jefferson and you’re at the Texas Theatre.

Always something new at Eric, Jason, Barak and Adam’s neighborhood hangout (the bar is always open I hear!).

So for all you Texans, jump in your trucks and make your way over to OC.  For all you non-Texans be bold and check out the wildness of the Lone Star State.  Rubber is playing through Wednesday.  Its a movie that’ll boggle your mind and yet you’ll leave being grateful you witnessed the bloody carnage set loose by a rogue tire.  O and the final transformation is worth the price of admission (especially if you’re a Texas Theatre Member and get that kick ass dollar off – EVERYTHING!).

More Info:


Texas Theatre.

Spiral Diner and Bakery.

See ya some night at the Texas Theatre, hope to chat about your drive in.




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