“Daniel Day Lewis as James Hook” – JV Hart DALLAS IFF Q & A

16 04 2011

The closing weekend of The Dallas IFF showcased the 20th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic film, Hook.  Texan Jim V. Hart not only wrote the story of a grown up Peter Pan, but he’s created a whole Peter Pan/James Hook Universe for my generation.  Here is the wonderful Q & A James Wallace of G & W held with JV about one of the great films of the 90’s and our childhoods (at least James’ and mine’s for sure).

Jim’s epic script of what happens if Peter Pan had actually grown up is a tale that seems to never age.  A big reason why the film seems so timeless is just how important the kid actors are to the full impact of the film.  In other words it comes back to those lovable mischievous Lost Boys.

The obvious heart behind JV Hart’s story is the same that is in J.M. Barrie’s iconic story, it’s all about the lost children.

Even though it’s a movie about the power of innocence, Jim explains how the film’s real heart is not in the kids but in the adults who are trying to hold onto that childlike innocence.

Easily one of the more iconic scenes in the film and one that really sums up what Jim is talking about.

O that Isaiah Robinson, you’ve inspired so many folks with that moment!

James Wallace of G & W asked the one question so many of us have wanted to know, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL RUFIO?

Tear Drop.

What about the name of Rufio?

Jim talks about how the film has impacted so many people and shared a story about his daughter, that showcases the power of the Peter Pan tale.

Jim talked about how the movie Hook did a wonderful job of showcasing the brilliance of J.M. Barrie.

Jim explains where James T. Hook really comes from.

Jim was shouting out to a “Tinkerbell” that was in the audience but needed to head off to NeverNever Land.

And now one of the wildest stories.  Jim talks about the process of getting HOOK into the right person’s hands.

Ok now it’s time to address the title of this story.  Daniel Day Lewis as Captain James T. Hook?

Jim’s Capt. Hook Book available now.

The trailer showcases my favorite scene in this epic movie, when Wendy reveals who Peter really is.

And we’ll end with our hooks raised.




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16 10 2011
14 11 2011
Johnny Liddlestien

Great stuff!! Sorry I missed the original posting of this!

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