DIFF 2011 – Exclusive Interview with Director Blake Calhoun of Spilt Milk

9 04 2011

Director Blake Calhoun has boldly jumped around different genres, mediums and stories during his TV and Film career.  He’s made action shows, comedies and his latest film, Spilt Milk which plays tomorrow evening at the Texas Theatre, is a captivating coming of age tale set right her in Dallas.  The film is one of a group of films that will be the final movies seen at the Dallas IFF 2011.  A great way to end your festival experience!  Here is our Exclusive Video Interview with Director Blake Calhoun.

The Dallas shot independent film had a solid and pretty large cast and crew.  Spilt Milk was written by fellow UNT Alum Dan Bower!

One day a disgruntled grocery store clerk, played brilliantly by Jake M. Johnson, has a life altering event happen as the store is robbed.

In the film we see some talented young actors really come into their own.  Chase Ryan Jeffery hits the perfect note of bold young man who makes a wild choice that ultimately gains your full sympathy by the film’s conclusion.

Akron Watson mixes a wonderful duality of playing a “Steve Urkel-esque” employee and the ultimate hero character.

Personally though I think upcoming star Kimberly Matula shines as the annoying bitchy Sabrina.

By the end of Spilt Milk you’ll see a complete 180 by Sabrina and come to the realization that Kim Matula is one actress you will see over and over again.

The young actors in the film really do shine brightly, not to say that those vet actors like Gail Cronauer (The wise sage who needs her smokes) or Sue Rock (flawless in the role of Shannon – Sabrina’s mother) aren’t perfectly cast.  Overall it was a hell of an assemble cast that made Spilt Milk into a raucous fun story.  Another great example of the talent, expertise and growing future of our City’s film community.

But I’ll stop babbling on.  Instead I’d like for you to enjoy my chat with Director Blake Calhoun, who’s proof that bold and talented directors reside right here in Dallas.

Spilt Milk plays Sunday , Apr 10th at 7:30pm at the Texas Theatre.




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19 04 2011
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