Dallas IFF – Producer Brendan McDonald of The Runway

6 04 2011

A touching film that shows how a community can come together through unique circumstance and can bring about a tremendous feat of support.  Its a film that asks you to see the world through many people’s eyes.  Producer Brendan McDonald chatted with the Artistic Director of The DALLAS IFF James Faust about  The Runway, which is directed by Ian Power.

Before we jump into the Q & A that followed last night’s screening of the Runway lets catch up with Brendan on the Red Carpet.

Did you hear a PSD favorite, Macdara Kelleher, brought up?  Indeed you did.

Here is what happened at the Q & A after the screening.

Brendan talks about being a truly independent film in the current marketplace.

Photo by PSD’s George Wada.

James Faust asked a question we all wanted to know, what is Feck and why is it used by EVERYONE in IRELAND AND SCOTLAND?

Brendan talks about one Belfast fella that would add so much to the film.

In the film there is one character that really sticks with you for his outlandish ways. Brendan talks about the culture that character Frogs, played by John Carpenter is part of.

Director Ian Power puts together a Speilbergian tale full of whimsy and danger, romance and international intrigue and one amazing 80’s music soundtrack that will not be forgotten.




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