DIFF 2011 – One LUCKY Place!!

3 04 2011

Screen Legend Ann-Margret with her  Lucky Director Gil Cates Jr. on Friday Night at Victory Park’s Red Carpet Event.  The cast and crew of Lucky came out and showcased their funny dark comedy to the DIFF audiences.  Check out more with Gil, star Ari Graynor and a much more with the awesome LUCKY team.

Ann signed some adoring fans autographs. The STAR AWARD recipient captivated the night before in the Opening Night tribute to Ann and Founder/Chairman Emeritus Liener Temerlin.  On Opening Night, Director Gil Cates Jr. stopped by and chatted with PSD on the Red Carpet about his film LUCKY.

The next night we chatted with the lovely actress Ari Graynor about LUCKY and also about her career so far in film.

Now on Saturday morning Ari and Gil were awesome enough to take part in a Q & A after their screening of Lucky, a PACKED house, at the Magnolia Theater.  Our good buddy from Big Fan Boy, Mark Walters, did an excellent job moderating the Q & A (even fighting off dreaded audio issues).  Here are Director Gil Cates Jr. and Ari Graynor talking about their film Lucky.  Gil started out talking about the unique “against-type” style casting of the film.

Gil talked about how the script/idea of the film came about.

Ari talked about how Gil was extremely open to his actors improving the way they showcased the dialogue and their characters.

Ari talks about where her improv skills were honed.

Gil talked about the benefits of a 5 day shoot rather then a 6 day shoot and also what it was like shooting in Iowa.  Ari also talked about another fun character in the film, Kurt.

Ari talked about working with Colin Hanks.

Ari explained how the rehearsal process with Colin and Gil really allowed the film to succeed.

I asked Gil about how some of his previous works have that dark comedy approach and whether that was the direction he wanted for his films.

Gil and Ari talk about the heart of the movie.

Gil has some GREAT news for his film.

A wonderful film from Gil Cates Jr. that stars Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Ann Margret and Jeffrey Tambor.




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