DALLAS IFF Opening Night – A Guide to the Full Festival Experience!

31 03 2011

Tonight is opening night for The DALLAS IFF.  Instead of giving a favorites list or highlighting any particular film, I thought it would be helpful to give a full festival experience guide.  What do I mean, well click the jump and see…

This year’s festival has added some new venues and theatres that add a whole new dynamic to the festival experience.  PSD would like to share with you a guide to experience DIFF to its fullest.  So here is your guide.


Tonight the talented puppeteer Kevin Clash brings that adorable lil red fella, Elmo, to our adorable big red venue that is the Winspear Opera House at the always fun AT&T Preforming Arts Center.  Tonight will be a wild event that shouldn’t be missed.  Its the best way to open up your DIFF experience.  The barrage of films fully kicks off Tomorrow, Friday April 1st (GO RANGERS!!).

Friday April 1st -Time to Change Your Future!

The wonderful Gil Cates Jr. film Lucky is the premiere series film that most folks will be attending.  But if you want a nice gem that is only showing once at the festival.  Check out Miranda July‘s film, The Future (picture above), which is another unique escape into Miranda’s mind.  The film is narrated by a cat which should be enough reason for you to check this film out!  The Future is playing at the Angelika Film Center Dallas #8 theater at 7:15pm.   If you still have some popcorn and Mrs. July has peaked your film loving experience then get ready for blood, guts, and killer samurais.  You’ll need to venture over to the Magnolia Theater to witness Takashi Miike latest blood fest, 13 Assassins .

13 Assassins has two shows including the 9:30pm showing Friday, April 1st is at the Magnolia Theater.

Saturday April 2nd – FAMILY DAY AT DIFF.

If you have kids then you will WANT and NEED to be at AMC NORTH PARK all day long!!  Whether its Snowmen , The Perfect Game , or any of the wonderful programs directed at a younger audience, then this is the place to be.  The night really takes off with a special screening of The Muppet Movie at 6pm and followed by the Centerpiece Screening of Sean McNamara‘s Soul Surfer .

Now if you are kid-less or just prefer another avenue of entertainment then I welcome you to join me on my Texas Film experience.  Saturday showcases a few of our extremely talented Texas filmmakers.  Here is the Texas three-step you might consider.  First up in your Texas travels you need to venture to the Magnolia Theater to catch Director Rachel Shepherd‘s road trip film, Traveling .

Rachel’s film is at the Magnolia Theater # 4 at 2:15pm.  After Traveling, stick around the Magnolia and check out Director Berndt Mader‘s coming-over-age tale Five Time Champion .

The film plays at the Magnolia Theater #5 at 5:30pm.  Have fun at the Q & A that’ll follow the film.  Make sure to stick around after Berndt’s film to witness Director Clay Liford‘s latest film, Wuss .  The film stars the always fun Nate Rubin and looks like a real treat.

You can now proudly say you’ve caught a quality glimpse at the DIFF Texas Competition with 3 of the 7 films.

Sunday April 3rd – Time to be a little more Worldly.

Its time to take a trip around the world without leaving the cosy comfort of DFW.  To begin your international experience get to AMC NorthPark to catch the Kriv Stenders‘ Australian film,Red Dog .

It stars Josh Lucas and tells the tale of a stray dog (the before mentioned RED DOG) who has a grand impact on a rough and rugged mining town.  From Australia you’ll head to Vietnam/Cambodia in search of the story behind Pvt. McKinley Nolan.

Director Henry Corra‘s Documentary The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan captures the 40 year-old haunting journey of the Nolan family to figure out the truth behind their lost one.  Henry’s film plays at the Angelika Theater #8 at 2:30pm.  From the jungles of Asia to the entertaining car parks of Ireland.  Good thing is you won’t have to travel that far as you just head over one theater to the Angelika Theater # 7 to see PARKED .

Make sure to check out the directorial debut of Darragh Byrne.  The film plays at 4:30pm.  Jump in your car and exit the North Park car park to venture to the Nasher Sculpture Center.  The world renowned center that showcases Raymond and Patsy’s extensive sculpture collections amongst other installations and exhibits.  But on Sunday evening at 7:30pm the Nasher will be taken over by Artist-in-Residence Rolando Diaz.

“Euforia Live is a culmination of two authentic art forms, music and art. Seth Simmons, a classically trained composer-pianist, performs his original compositions as Cuban-American fine artist creates an original work of art Witness a world of color coming to life. Let the flames of passion stir within, as sounds and brush strokes take you to a dream-like world of romance. Experience and feel the warmth and magic of Euforia.”

Need more reason to experience Euforia?

To end your trip around the world, from the comfort of Dallas, you’ll have to venture from the Nasher to the Magnolia Theater.  In theater # 5 you can catch October , poignant yet humorous film by brothers Daniel Vega Videl &
Diego Vega Videl.

The film starts at 10:30pm!

Check back this weekend for Part 2 of our “Full Festival Experience Guide” as we check out next week and then Part 3 highlights the final weekend of greatness from DIFF 2011.

See you out there.




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