“Green Hell” isn’t a place or a state of mind. It’s One Big Ass Green Bus.

29 03 2011

Yesterday I previewed the MPS Texas Competition.  Today we’ll take a look at one of those films a little more closely.  Get to know Director/Writer/Editor Eric Hueber and Producer/Writer Andy Cope.

The MPS Texas Competition has a been a wonderful staple of the DALLAS IFF (back into AFI Dallas days).  It highlights the tremendous talent that sparks up from some likely spaces (ahem..Austin) and some not so likely spaces (ahem…Nacogdoches).  Lets look at that space a little less traveled.

Director Eric Hueber’s awesome T-Shirt.

Sometimes order in a movie is something that is thrown out pretty early on.

Eric was asked what was the most difficult part of the film-making process.

The actual shooting schedule wasn’t that long.

So what about all that extra footage?

Even though Eric and Andy captured 110 hours of footage, they still wish they could have gotten more out of the film.

Now don’t you worry, Ol’ Birdman is one hell of a memorable character and it was Birdman who really kept pushing the trip West for the gang.

O yeah that damn Bus.

This wild and crazy ride is such a wonderful way to experience the parts of our great state that just don’t get represented.  The guys appear as one strange group.  Through this facade though you find yourself clicking with this quirky bunch.  Andy has a wonderful tale of how appearances can indeed be deceiving.

Screening Schedule:
Fri, Apr 1st 10:00pm
Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre #5
Sun, Apr 3rd Noon
Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre #4



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