35 Conferette Recap

28 03 2011

Congrats on another successful 35 Conferette (formerly NX35). This year saw the fest finally realized as a walkable event with two well placed outdoor stages just off the Square. I was only there for the first two days, but I made the most of it. So many highlights. So many PBRs. So very Denton.

On the first night, Rock and Roll HOF’er Mavis Staples headlined the Main Stage and took us to church.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart headlined the second stage.

As far as LocalEdgeWave goes, Bravo, Max! was the best thing going on Thursday night. Of course my camera wasn’t working during their set, but our buddy Preston Jones filmed a little of their set.

I had heard a lot of good things about Cut Chemist, and those good things turned out to be true. That fool can spin! And these fools at Hailey’s can breakdance! This was a crazy scene…

Night number two saw Mister Heavenly on the second stage (yes, that’s Michael Cera slappin’ da bass). And thus started the epic Michael Cera meme that got him trending on Twitter.

Man Factory brought their Street Fighter-inspired jams to the Hydrant (video by YouTube user ThreeOranges).

The local music highlight of night two came courtesy of Denton’s Novaak.

Here’s a Local Edge favorite, and their best song (inspired by the Hitchcock film Marnie).

When you’ve got some Hitchcock-inspired jams in your catologue, you’re on point in my book.

Sadly, that ended my coverage of 35C but much more content exists on the internetz. Check out http://35conferette.com/ for some fantastic video footage. Next year’s Conferette can’t get here quick enough.




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