DIFF 2011 – Family Friendly Entertainment.

24 03 2011

The 2011 DALLAS International Film Festival Family Day presented by Bright Realty and COOPER & THE CASTLE HILLS GANG will be held on Saturday, April 2 at NorthPark Center.

The 2011 DALLAS International Film Festival will screen FREE family friendly films at AMC NorthPark 15 as part of our Celebration. This year we focus on classic animated features and new live action family fare. A PERFECT GAME, COOPER & THE CASTLE HILLS GANG and a surprise animated film are some of the films we will showcase.

This year we are fortunate to have our event chosen as a Junior League of Dallas Provisional Project. The Family Day celebration is a time to entertain and educate kids of all ages. With a bit of carnival flair, Family Day will feature children’s films from around the world along with activities throughout the day for the entire family!

Other Family Day activities are to be included such as:

  • Dallas Theater Center Performance
  • Acoustic Music Act: Kid Sing-a-long
  • Walk the Red Carpet like the Stars with mock interviews
  • Meet and create art with DIFF 2011 Artist in Residence: Rolando Diaz
  • Screening of COOPER & THE CASTLE HILLS GANG, filmed in DFW’s Castle Hills community
  • Family Day Filmmaker Meet-and-Greet with autograph signing
  • Puppeteer / Story telling
  • Face painting
  • Green Screen experience
  • Balloon artist
  • Get dressed up as your favorite movie character
  • Button maker
  • Sundown FREE Outdoor screening by Fun Flicks at NorthPark Center’s Center Park
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COOPER & THE CASTLE HILLS GANG – Written and Directed by Sam Ditore.

DIFF provided a great Filmmaker Survey and here is some of the fun facts learned from that survey of the Cooper Team.

“The film is completely Dallas-centric. It was developed exclusively for Bright Realty/Castle Hills and shot entirely at Castle Hills, a north Dallas master-planned community. Funded and distributed by Bright Realty of Dallas and executive produced by Chris Bright, principal and son of former Dallas Cowboys owner H.R. “Bum” Bright.  Cast and crew are almost entirely Dallas-based with one particular exception of lead actor Kyle Kirk, who is Los Angeles-based.  Ditore Mayo Entertainment is based in Plano.  Writer/Director Sam Ditore is a ’95 grad of TCU.  Producer Scott Mayo is a ’96 grad of SMU.  Associate Producer Kevin Shivers is a ’93 grad of UNT.”

“Producer Scott Mayo and Director Sam Ditore are two-time Emmy nominees for their documentary work on Tiger Woods for CBS and A&E in 2007.  They are also the filmmaking team behind the Dallas-based “I Am Second” campaign that has garnered international acclaim as a viral sensation.”

“The family-friendly movie centers around 11-year-old Cooper, who takes on a mission to help Castle Hills’ favorite grandpa, Mr. Wilson, find something he has lost.  Cooper, with the help of his friends, searches every corner of the community, outsmarts his older temperamental sister, Penny, and overcomes his own pride to save the day.  It’s light drama with many comedic moments and some brief action scenes.  It’s also a pre-teen coming of age story as Cooper learns the value of acting unselfishly in the face of adversity.”

USA, 2010, 96 min., Color, HDCAM

MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS follows three theater troupes on their creative journey to the elaborate Freddy Awards ceremony — the “Super Bowl” of high school musical theater. The film demonstrates arts education in action, reminding us why the performing arts must remain vital in the lives of young people.

DIR Matthew Kallis
SCR Christopher Lockhart

Saturday, April 2, 2:30 p.m.
NorthPark 5

To view the trailer, click here.

El Juego p er fecto
USA, 2009, 118 min., Color, 35mm

Based on a true story about the events leading to the 1957 Little League World Series, when a group of scrawny and poor kids from Monterrey, Mexico, defeated America’s heavily favored team. Mexican pitcher Angel Macias threw the first and only perfect game in championship game history.

DIR William Dear
CASt Cheech Marin

Saturday, April 2, 4:00 p.m.
NorthPark 4

To view the trailer, click here.

USA, 2010, 85 min., Blu-ray Disc

A discovery in the snow catapults a group of smalltown boys into the spotlight, but when their star fades, Billy is convinced that he needs to be famous for something, so he enlists his friends in a scheme to set a Guinness World Record ensuring their names will never be forgotten. But what record to break?

DIR/SCR Robert Kirbyson
CAST Bobby Coleman, Josh Flitter, Ray Liotta,
Christopher Lloyd

Saturday, April 2, 11:30 a.m.
NorthPark 4

Writer/Director Robert Kirbyson also took part in a Filmmaker Survey and here are some of the films fun facts.

“Snowmen was inspired by my adventures growing up on the Canadian prairies. When I was the main character’s age, tragic events had me wondering about my purpose in life. I hope this movie gives kids (& adults) a sense that everyone matters and to find joy in all circumstances.”

“I’ve been making movies since I was 7 years old with my dad’s Super 8 film camera (my first movie starred the Jamaica neighbor depicted in Snowmen). I directed my first commercial, a PSA, at 17. At 19, I started working as a self-taught animator (the only film business in my hometown of Winnipeg) producing segments for Sesame Street.”

“Snowmen is my debut feature film, and we did all the things you’re not supposed to do on any low budget film like work with kids and water and all exteriors…
On finding our star, Bobby Coleman: We almost didn’t make the movie. The producers wouldn’t commit until we found a star to play 10- year-old Billy, but after hundreds of auditions we hadn’t found anyone to play this over-enthusiastic, fast-talking yet innocent character. It was heartbreaking as we discussed postponing another year… And then Bobby Coleman came in, or rather burst in. Maybe Bobby had just drank a couple sodas and was on a sugar kick, but this kid nailed over-enthusiasm. Then he somehow slipped into the moment of an extremely emotional audition and nailed that. As Bobby left the room I looked back to see relieved smiles on every face… and then Bobby Coleman burst in again, this time raving about a sculpture in the lobby. We had our Billy.”

Family Day presented by Bright Realty and COOPER & THE CASTLE HILLS GANG will be held on Saturday, April 2 at NorthPark Center.




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21 06 2011
Laurie Blake

No one knew that during this whole time that Chris and his “Love” we sending messages back and forth, his “Love” already had a partner he had been living with for almost 2 years and seeing for almost 4 years.

He treated you like a king and you treated him like dirt. He did everything for you and this is how you repay him.

Never mind all the cheating and lies that you told him.

Steve knows and I sent him the link too all your posts.

21 06 2011
Steve Welch

Chris and Joe

I did nothing to either of you, why couldn’t you just tell me inside of doing all these things behind my back?

Joe, all the cheating not just with him but with all those other guys, all the lying,


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