A Tiger Descended on Denton and up next is New York City.

21 03 2011

The Dallas based (Austin-Raised) musical talent Tiger Darrow is expanding from our Texas comforts to tackle the Big Apple.  The Booker T. Washington High School senior sat down with PSD to chat about the wacky good times she’s had in her 18 years.

Tiger‘s name invokes a lot of the qualities in her singing.  She’s powerful, vibrant, enchanting and striking.  The real story of her name invokes the other qualities of her singing.  She’s youthful, outgoing and inventive.  Its a hell of a package to have.

It was around that same age that Tiger would pick up her first instrument.

But as you heard she always wanted to play the Cello.

Its pretty amazing to realize all that Tiger has accomplished in such a short time.

She’s been running the show for a long time.  I asked Tiger if she got a thrill at the challenge of conquering something new and she gave a really honest answer, that hints at her true passion.

Her tremendous ambition can easily be seen in the fact that she has two new albums, Hello and You Know Who You Are.  The albums have a lot of variation in that they are very different.  They both showcase her talents and put together you have the full impact of her sound.  Now its interesting to realize that she’s still morphing as an artist and she explained how she really wants her music to have a film quality.

Her extensive film background continues to pop up in her life.  Her music is starting to have a film like quality and she’s going to be studying composition and music theory (with a concentration on Film Scoring) at NYU, which she actually has film scoring experience now because of Robert Rodriguez.  Tiger talks about the set on which she first learned about the film making process.

What Tiger calls “controlling” seems like a tenacious attitude.

Tiger’s worked with Robert Rodriguez on ( Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, and Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World).  We’ll of course we’ll  have Robert stories (next post!), but lets chat about another director who had a major influence on Tiger.

The Faith of Joey Rail by Matt Robertson.  Starring Tiger Darrow and Shane Graham.

Yeah Tiger’s been writing scripts since she was a little cub.

Now she does have a feature film to her name.

Speaking of Animation here is the video for Tiger’s song, The Writer.

Check out tiger’s albums here.

We’ll have a ton more with Tiger over the next few weeks.  But to end this introductory interview I’d like to share with you one more awesome thing Tiger knows.




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