The Conferette: Good times at 35 Conferette

17 03 2011

Sunday was a wild and crazy time as the 3rd annual 35 Conferette ended with a loud raucous bang.  PSD’s Qelsi Qualls shares her experiences in Denton.

I knew nothing about 35 Conferette.  Knew nothing of a festival in Denton that brought together music of all genres and let people relish.  I knew nothing of this North Texas confectionery until Gadi “The Wonderful” lures me in by telling me Big Boi is going to be performing.  I know that when he brought this festival to my attention, he had to know that he was appealing to the wonderful days that I lived in Atlanta, going to school and Living La Vida Loca.  Days of digging in the crates and heartbreaks.  But whatever.  He knew he was taking me back to that nostalgia when life was much simpler and music much more revered.  The days when music was the first thing I listened to when I awoke and the last thing I heard before I lovingly laid my head down on my twin bed, which at the time may or may not have been equipped with a pillow.  I admit that I entered 35 Conferette world worn, bitter, and extremely obstinate having maxed out ESPN and NPR due to the recycled music on the radio (the only place that shouldn’t “go green”).  And after four days of ear debauchery, I can’t say I’ve been cured but there was a spark of that nostalgia “The Conferette” (that’s what I call it) lit.    I can proudly say, having known that it exists, I am now reminded of the “old self” I have missed so much.

The 35 Conferette gold, I happened to witness included:

Dominque Young Unique

I don’t know…she’s like an electronic version of Lady Saw, Lil Kim and Roxanne Shante put together.  She has a way of working a crowd and though I tried to leave her show to see what I thought was going to be the beginning of !!!Chk, Chk, Chk…I couldn’t leave!

Check her out at:

!!!(Chk Chk Chk)

This band put on a show!

Frontman Nic Offer gyrated with such love and dedication that the crowd couldn’t help but stay energized.

He also had this neat jacket that lit up with different patterns of red and white.

Pretty fantastic.

Again, loved these guys !!!

Of the acts I didn’t get to see but stand firmly in their Amen Corner:
Miami Horror:  They remind me of my yummy days on South Beach that I try to have every year.
Check them out at:

Dem Southernfolkz – I didn’t get to see them but they have great classic hip hop.  I’m talking Pete Rock and CL Smooth type, GangStarr type, Common (via Resurrection) type, Organized Konfusion type…okay you get the point…but Southern!.  LOVE THEM!  They were the first group that caught my ear as I listened to the lineup.  It’s like so grown folks and so good.  I would love to know if they play music because their “Something to Hold On To” proves that they are just not another hip hop group.  They also have a download of their EP if you go to their page.
Check them out at:

Damaged Good$ – Off first listen, they are electro/hip hop.  The single “Dopest/Flyest” is greatness!  Have to listen to the rest of the album.  Just as an FYI…they have a free download of their album on their website.  Check them out at:

Houses – Love my Classic Rock and the harmonies these guys have are what that IS!
Check them out at:

Caleb Ian Campbell:  He really has his own style.  Maybe not for everyone but definitely for those who like simple but subdued music.
Check him out at:

At this writing, I still haven’t listened to everyone.  With a festival like this you never feel like you can see it or hear it all.  It is daunting to say the least.   Most of the artists they have brought together, I will find out about well after 35 Conferette.  I can only hope that they leave their lineup up well after Sunday so that I can go back and reference and slowly sift through the artists pages.  That is my only hope but for the few artists I came across and shamelessly loved, thank you and thank you 35 Conferette.

It would do you some good to check out their lineup and see the footprint of this festival at:

And how about some fun with BIG BOI!!!

And here is Video 1 of Big Boi!

and some more from the Dirty South King.

We’ll end on a “high” note.  One more video.





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