SXSW Bound with Director Jason Hammond and his film The Devil’s Box

16 03 2011

Some of the most acclaimed musicians in the country share their dedication and drive as they introduce us to a unique American art form- Texas-style fiddling.  Director Jason Hammond talked with PSD about his career in film and TV.

Director Jason Hammond.

Jason’s another Dallasite!!!

Jason’s progression into television and film would start in high school.

Interesting how that lovable dog has been a theme in quite a lot of our Texans lives.  Jason would find his true passion in the art department because of  Wishbone.

Ok story time begins with Jason!

Who else have you worked with Jason?

O but wait for it.  The great Robert Duvall.

Jason talks about getting to see the legend up-close.

Jason’s such a fun guy that directors have pulled him into their movies with interesting roles.

Now Jason has even found love on the set.

Jason’s film The Devil’s Box has its world premiere at SXSW on Thursday at Vimeo Theater aka the Convention Center.  The film follows five contestants who compete in the renowned Fiddlers’ Frolics, and meet the lively characters who inhabit this extended family of passionate musicians.

Jason talks about how they captured the live event.

What the heck was it like filming that wild event.

So what was it like hearing from the folks at SXSW?

The next question is a bit of a shout out to my love of calling high school football in this wonderful state of Texas.  You see Jason went to high school at Woodrow Wilson in East Dallas.  Not only great because it was named for our smartest president (and coolest, just saying!).  Well ol’ Woodrow High is famous in the eyes of High School lore, because it is the only Public High School to have two of its former football players go on to win Heisman trophies.  The first was the great Davey O’Brien and the second was a fella that went to school with Jason.

Tim Brown at honored at Cowboy Stadium, just prior to Super Bowl XLV, was honored with Walt Garrison for their tremendous impact on Texas High School Football.  Photo by Karen Campbell.  Story by Todd Wills.

Check out Jason’s great documentary, The Devil’s Own out at SXSW on Thursday!

If you do Jason might have more fun tales to tell us!!

In the mean time, enjoy the trailer.




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16 03 2011

Good subject- All the best to you Jason!

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