35 Conferette takes over Denton, America

14 03 2011

35 Conferette has swarmed in and now out of Denton, Texas.  It was a wild and raucous 4 days/nights of musical greatness.  From Sarah Jaffe to Giggle Party to South African rockers Tidal Waves and how about that fella Big Boi.

The Square in downtown Denton was the hub of all the wild times over the last four days.

For this first look back at 35 C will take you on a picture tour of what all I went to during the festival.  We’ll start the fun off with a Denton resident, Sarah Jaffe.

The festival had 2 main stages and a stage on the Square.  Sarah was on the main stage # 1 on Thursday evening.

Most sets ranged from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, Sarah played a full 45 minutes with her band.

Sarah would set the stage for a killer first night.

The old stomping grounds brought out slews of Dentonites to help support the 3rd 35 Conferette festival.

Overall the festival had hundreds of wonderful volunteer staff and a group of core staff members that helped make the weekend run pretty smoothly, as festivals go.  I caught a staffer checking out the schedule.

O NO!!  She caught me.  But hey I was just checking out that Executive Chef Tim love is opening a LOVE SHACK in Denton.  FOR REALZ they already have the trailer out too.

Ok back to the music.  I started off my weekend by seeing the always rowdy Spooky Folk on the Main Stage # 1.

The Denton-bred band brought out their best as they opened Saturday for me.

Kaleo Kaualoku leads his dynamic 5-piece band through a great set.

Jessie Perry was following Kaleo’s lead as were all the Spooky Folk band mates, Scarlett Wright (keys and bass), Petra Kelly (violin), and Chris Brown (percussion).  This fun set would be the opener to a wild show just moments afterwards on the Main Stage # 2.

If you haven’t experienced a Giggle Party show then you have not LIVED.  The former Dallas-based, now San Francisco based, punk/pop band was the nearest anyone got to replicating last year’s Flaming Lips extravagance.

Bright shirts, Balloons, Candy, Giant Cupcakes and so much more goes into a Giggle Party show!!

Aaron wouldn’t be on stage for long though.

One moment Aaron’s on the one side of the “Hickory St.” Fence and the next…

Yep he jumped over!

Aaron and Kim would even get the crowd to “kneel” with them.

Easily one of the most interactive bands around (sadly they are doing this out in the Bay Area and not here at home!).

The giggles would be heard all down Hickory St.  Now the fun would include much more then those darn balloons everywhere.  How about creatures from the seas?

An Octopus named for Mr. Holland would pack a pretty wild bang as he was filled with little “fireworks”.  NO JOKE, one exploded right by my feet and forced me to see Whales.   O wait that really happened too.

In the end, Giggle Party sure does know how to Par-tay.  Whether Aaron’s hopping fences or not, you know the party is going to be brought-TEN.

The crowd approved!

The guy in yellow even grabbed a “gold boombox” balloon for a nice keepsake.  After the candy was all picked up and the whales, octopus, and balloons dispersed the main stage #2 would welcome one of the most traveled bands.

That’s right my South African parents would be proud as I saw the South African band Tidal Waves.

The South African Reggae band consists of 5 cats ranging from all over the country of my parents.

Our new friend, Charlie on the Keyboards.

Jaco ‘Mr’ Mans on lead guitar.

Shadrack ‘Charlie’ Mathopa is on the bass.  Yep two Charlie’s in the band.  And now for the duel lead singers.

Jacob ‘Zakes’ Wulana and Sam ‘Drumbo’ Shoai share the singing duties in the guitar heavy reggae band.  Here’s a better shot of Sam.

And how about from another fun view.

I caught “Zakes” attention while I was hanging out backstage.

Thanks buddy!

The 5 chaps from “Sud” Africa just seemed to be having such a blast in our favorite College town.

Hell they even broke out the vuvuzela!!!

But easily my favorite shot was our boy Charlie letting those ‘dreds fly proudly in the Denton Sky as the vuvuzela took a break.

But Zakes wanted one more close up.

A great show from the South African Reggae Band on their American Tour!  Later in the evening another dynamic dentonite would put on one hell of an intimate performance.

That’s right J & J’s Pizza on the square had some kick ass bands, you may have heard about those wild fellas from Soviet putting on a hell of show.  BUT, just before them was Denton’s own Jessie Frye putting on a near orgasmic performance!

As I was standing listening to Jessie pour out her soul, a young lady next to me whispered to her boyfriend “Honey, it sounds like she is a girl who has orgasms better then me”.   I felt a bit bad for the young chap who couldn’t find the words to respond, as Jessie continued to let her vocal cords entice a PACKED JJ’s Pizza (with those boys in Soviet rolling around somewhere in the mess).

By the way that big blob of black hair, was on a guy!  That still didn’t stop Jessie from giving me a glance, at least I like to think she was staring at me (hell she could have been looking at the Dallas Observer’s Music Editor Pete Freedman aka ‘Pistol’ – great to see ya all over the darn place, pal).  Gotta respect a band that seems to have God on its side, or at least the Virgin Mary.

Visit JJ’s Pizza to see the full “glowing lady”, and no I don’t mean Jessie.   Ok how about a little taste of the hotness?

Shot by Preston Jones of DFW.com.

Up next was another great female vocalist, seemed to be a ton of talented ladies at 35 C, Tiger Darrow of Dallas.

Tiger with her uncle rocked the house (acoustically of course) at Dan’s Silverleaf!!!

Stay tuned for more from Tiger via PSD in about a fortnight.

I ended my Saturday night by seeing, Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers.  If you haven’t heard Daniel Folmer live, then you really really really need to rearrange your schedule.  The Denton singer-songwriter has been at the game since he was 17 years old and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.  Danny Rush and The Designated Drivers is Daniel’s latest album/project.

At the Labb in the ‘Dark of the Night’ with Daniel and his band.  Also how about a spooky tree (not to me mistaken for any spooky “folks”).

Sorry look closely – its THERE!!  AWWWW.  Anyways stay tuned for more from the awesomeness that was 35 Conferette.  And by more I mean VIDEO OF BIG BOI!!!!  YEAH BUDDY.  Sunday night was rowdy and I only remember a few hazy parts here and there, thank goodness for videos!!




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14 03 2011

The names of the Giggle Party members are incorrect…. That is Aaron in the blue shirt, and Kat is the lady in the pink. Jason was wearing a green shirt.

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